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Handling Chinese Characters

If you encounter a Chinese character, note it in a comment as you would any other non-Latin character, thusly: [Chinese: **]

There is no need to proof the Latin letters produced by the OCR's attempt to parse the Chinese. As with other non-Latin characters, they will be proofed by someone familiar with Chinese characters later in the project.


Few DP titles contain Chinese characters. An example is Pottery and Porcelain Vol I If you work on one, Chinese language issues will be addressed in the special notes on the project page. As with other non-Latin characters, such as Cyrillic, we follow Primary Rule -- to represent the original document as accurately as possible.

Today, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters are represented digitally by their assigned Unicode. Unicode is the international standard for assigning characters within fonts. Not all computer fonts include Asian characters, but by identifying the correct Unicode for each character, we represent the Chinese text correctly in those that do.

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