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This is potential material for Talk Like a Pirate Day. The original list is from Great Pirate Stories ed. Joseph Lewis French, and consists of the original books that he took excerpts from. Also from Great Pirate Stories, Second Series, which will require a Rule 6 clearance since the copyright date is 1925. The books from there are marked with question marks since they might be from after 1922. Other people are more than welcome to add books from other sources. --JulietS 08:41, 30 August 2007 (PDT)

  •  ?? The History of the Pirates Anonymous
  •  ?? The Pirate's Own Book Anonymous (possibly PG 12216?)
  •  ?? The History of the Pirates by John Auchenhalz (probably The history of the pirates, free-booters, or buccaneers of America, 1807, Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz.)
  • Daring Deeds of Famous Pirates, 1917, by E. Keble Chatterton (also wrote The Romance of Piracy)
  • Afloat and Ashore by James Fenimore Cooper PG 8647
  • Sea Wolves of the Mediterranean by E. Hamilton Currey PG 13689
  • The King of the Pirates by Daniel Defoe
  •  ?? The History of the Indian Wars and of Plantain the Pyrate, &c. by Clement Downing (probably A compendious history of the Indian wars; with an account of ... Angria the pyrate. Also the transactions of a squadron of men of war under Commodore Matthews, sent to the East-Indies to suppress the pyrates. To which is annex'd, an additional history of the wars between the Great Mogul, Angria, and his allies. With an account of the life and actions of John Plantain, a notorious pyrate at Madagascar ..., 1737).
  • The Buccaneers of America by John Esquemeling (cleared June, 2006)
  • Black Bartlemy's Treasure by Jeffery Farnol PG 2424
  •  ?? The Book of Pirates by Henry Gilbert (might be Boy's book of Pirates, 1916--there are modern reprints under the other name, some of which claim a new copyright).
  • The Ladrone Pirates by Richard Glasspoole (possibly Mr. Glasspoole and the Chinese pirates; being the narrative of Mr. Richard Glasspoole of the ship Marquis of Ely: describing his captivity of eleven weeks and three days whilst held for ransom by the villainous ladrones of the China sea in the year 1809: together with extracts from the China records and the log of the Marquis of Ely: and some remarks on Chinese pirates ancient and modern by Owen Rutter: and four engravings on wood by Robert Gibbings.)
  • The Wild Coast of Nippon by Capt. H. C. John (cleared June, 2006)
  • The Story of the Barbary Corsairs by Stanley Lane-Poole PG 22169
  • Buccaneer Customs on the Spanish Main by John Masefield after John Esquemeling
  • Purchas, His Pilgrims by Saumel Purchas
  • The Buccaneers of America by Howard Pyle, ed.
  •  ?? Mr. Roberts, His Voyage to the Levant by John Roberts (probably refers to William Hacke's A collection of original voyages, 1699, in which the fourth article is Mr. Roberts's adventures among the corsairs of the Levant; his account of their way of living; description of the Archipelago islands, taking of Scio, &c.--there is a 1993 facsimile reprint of this book).
  • Tom Cringle's Log by Michael Scott PG 7281
  •  ?? The Monarchs of the Main by G. W. Thornbury (probably George Walter Thornbury's The monarchs of the Main; or, Adventures of the buccaneers, 3 vols., 1855).
  • The Indian Antiquary vol. 49