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The Esperantist was the first first Esperanto periodical in England. Its issues ran from Nov. 1903 to Dec. 1905. After that, it was incorporated into The British Esperantist.

As of June 2015, all 26 issues have been posted to PG. Thank you to all who have helped prepare them!

Proofing issues

If you are new to Esperanto, you may want to read Esperanto for Proofers.

If you are familiar with Esperanto, be prepared to encounter some bad grammatical usage, and occasional wrong spellings.

The front matter was poorly scanned and compressed by Google Books. Quite a bit of it is the same as in older issues; see the link below to find those at PG.

There is sometimes a number near the bottom of an image, in brackets, such as (6266). This is not a page number to be removed, it is the signature of an author. Often, the contributors signed themselves, not with a name, but with their number in the Zamenhofa Adresaro, an early international listing of Esperantists.

Formatting issues

Many articles in this magazine were published bilingually, with English and Esperanto in facing columns. The paragraphs were then spaced out in order to line up, so that a reader could compare the two. Extra spacing between paragraphs in this case is not a <tb>.


Entire two-year run is available at Google. However, cover texts are not always readable in those scans.