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This periodical was issued monthly from Sept-June (1880-1913?). There don't seem to have been issues for July and August, presumably because the Chautauquan Institue was in session then. The Institute is still in existence, meeting every summer in Chautauqua, NY. The magazine was merged with The Outlook around 1913. The magazine was intended to supplement and inform the Chautauqua Learning Circles. There was a reading list of about half a dozen books for each year, and the Chautauquan folks actually published their own editions (in paperback) of many of them. Some were classics, some were written for this audience. The recommended reading lists would be an interesting addition to our Book Lists.

We haven't started running these through DP yet, but be assured, they will be coming!

JulietS has been working on collecting the entire run of the magazine. Current holdings are

v. 1-4 Oct 1880-July 1883

v. 6-18 Oct. 1885-March 1894

v. 21 Apr-Sep 1895

v. 23-25 Apr 1896-Sep 1897

v. 29-34 Apr 1899-March 1902

v. 36-50 Sept 1902-May 1908

v. 53-70 Dec 1908-May 1913

6 individual issues from 1911 and 1913

TIA has

v. 22 Sept 1895-Mar 1896 [1]

v. 23 Apr 1896-Sept 2896 [2]

v. 24 Oct 1896-Mar 1897 [3]

v. 25 Apr 1897-Sept 1897 [4]

v. 26 Oct 1997-Apr 1998 [5]