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The premier magazine for women and one of the first to achieve a national circulation.

Sometimes appears bound as a full year, sometimes as a half year. Each volume should have a bunch of hand-colored fold-out fashion plates. Volumes that have all the plates are very expensive, and ones from during the Civil War are astronomical. Most of JulietS holdings are missing some or all of the plates. There is a website somewhere that shows many of the plates.

A few issues are going or have gone through DP. These are hard to scan (due to tight bindings) so are not high on JulietS priority list

JulietS has

v. 23-7 Jul 1841-Dec 1843

v ? Jul-Dec 1849

v. 42 Jan-Jun 1851

v. 54 Jan-Jun 1857

v. 57-8 1858-9

v. 70-1 Jan-Dec 1865

v. 74-79 1867-1869

v. 82-4 Jan 1871-June 1872