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Roger Dee

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Roger D. Aycock, who wrote SF as Roger Dee, died 5 April in Rome, Georgia, at the age of 89. He published Ace Double An Earth Gone Mad in 1954, and over 50 stories in SF magazines including Amazing, Astounding, F&SF, Planet Stories, and Galaxy, from 1949 to 1971.

Contento claims: DEE, ROGER; pseudonym of Roger D. Aycock, (1914-2004)

  • "Traders Risk" Galaxy February 1958. At PG.
  • "Rough Beast" ASF March 1962. At PG.
  • "Control Group" Amazing January 1960. At PG.
  • "To Remember Charlie By" Fantastic Universe March 1954. At PG.
  • "Assignment's End" Galaxy December 1954. At PG.
  • "Pet Farm" Galaxy February 1954. At PG.
  • "Clean Break" Galaxy November 1953. At PG.
  • "The Anglers of Arz" If January 1953. At PG.
  • "An Earth Gone Mad" 1954 Ace vt. "The Star Dice" Startling Stories November 1952.
  • "Wailing Wall" Galaxy July 1952. At PG.
  • "Today is Forever" Galaxy September 1952. At PG.
  • "The Feeling" Galaxy April 1961. At PG.
  • "The Wheel is Death" Planet Stories Fall 1949. At PG.
  • "Ultimatum" Planet Stories Spring 1950. At PG.
  • "Unwelcome Tenant" Planet Stories Summer 1950. At PG.
  • "The Watchers" Planet Stories September 1951. At PG.
  • "Palimpsest" Planet Stories November 1951. At PG.
  • "Grim Green World" Planet Stories November 1951 as by John Star. At PG.
  • "Oh Mesmerist From Mimas!" Planet Stories January 1953. At PG.
  • "The Frogs of Mars" Imagination April 1954. At PG.
  • "Slave of Eternity" Super Science Stories May 1950. PG clearance requested.