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Robert Bloch

Robert Albert Bloch was born April 5, 1917 in Chicago, IL and died September 23, 1994. Both St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers and Contemporary Authors have entries.

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  • "Strange Flight of Richard Clayton" Amazing March 1939 reprinted Amazing April 1956. R402706
  • "Black Lotus" Fantasy Book Vol. 1 No. 1 1947. R595693
  • "The Goddess of Wisdom" Fantastic Universe May 1954. RE0000149509 on B00000465403.
  • "Block That Metaphor" Galaxy October 1958. RE0000302758 on B00000724810.
  • "Comfort Me, My Robot" Imagination January 1955. RE0000149509 on B00000507326.
  • "Dead-End Doctor" Galaxy February 1956. RE0000170909 on B00000565920.
  • "The Opener of the Way" Weird Tales October 1936. R338612 on B323459.
  • "The Man Who Murdered Tomorrow" Amazing March 1960. RE0000383528 on B00000822019.