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Raymond Z. Gallun

Raymond Zinke Gallun

Born: March 22, 1911 Where: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Died: April 2, 1994 Where: Forest Hills, New York

  • "People Minus X" 1957 Simon & Schuster. At PG.
  • "The Planet Strappers" 1961 Pyramid. At PG.
  • "The Eternal Wall" Amazing November 1942 reprinted Amazing April 1956. At PG.
  • "Big Pill" Planet Stories September 1952. At PG.
  • "Stamped Caution!" Galaxy August 1953. At PG.
  • "Asteroid of Fear" Planet Stories March 1951. At PG.
  • "Comet's Burial" Science Fiction Stories 1953. At PG.
  • "The Revolt of the Star Men" Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 1932. At PG.
  • "Passport to Jupiter" Startling Stories January 1951.
  • "Invaders of the Forbidden Moon" Planet Stories Summer 1941. At AG.
  • "The Raiders of Saturn's Rings" Planet Stories Fall 1941. At PG.
  • "Space Oasis" Planet Stories Fall 1942. At PG.
  • "Return Of a Legend" Planet Stories March 1952. At PG.
  • "Give Back a World" Planet Stories May 1953. At PG.
  • "Dawn Of the Demi-Gods" Planet Stories Summer 1954. At PG.
  • "Eyes That Watch" Comet December 1940. At PG.