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Raymond F. Jones

Contento and the isfdb have entries. Both Contemporary Authors and St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers have entries.

Born November 17, 1915 in Salt Lake City, UT and died January 24, 1994.

  • "Cubs of the Wolf" ASF November 1955. At PG.
  • "The Great Gray Plague" ASF February 1962. At PG.
  • "The Memory of Mars" Amazing December 1961. At PG.
  • "The Year When Stardust Fell" 1958. At PG.
  • "Human Error" If April 1956. At PG.
  • "The Colonists" If June 1954. At PG.
  • "The Unlearned" If August 1954. At PG.
  • "The Alien" 1951 World editions. At PG.
  • "The Deviates" vt. "The Secret People" RE0000194124
  • "A Stone and a Spear" Galaxy December 1950. A PG.
  • "Planet of Light" 1953. RE-93-885
  • "The Seven Jewels of Chamar" Planet Stories Winter 1946. At PG.
  • "The Martian Circe" Planet Stories Summer 1947. At PG.