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Raymond E. Banks

The isfdb claims Raymond Eugene Banks was born 8 November 1918 in Missouri and died 3 August 1996.

  • "The Happiest Missile" Amazing May 1961. RE0000430483
  • "Transstar" Galaxy June 1960. RE0000381956
  • "This Side Up" Galaxy July 1954. RE0000143539 on B00000475420.
  • "Payload" Galaxy December 1957. RE0000253086 on B00000673172.
  • "The Littlest People" Galaxy March 1954. RE0000143539 on B00000454597.
  • "The Work-Out Planet" If September 1954. RE0000143539 on B00000483620.
  • "Act of Passion" If March 1954. RE0000143539 on B00000454218.
  • "Ticket to the Stars" Imagination February 1954. PG clearance requested.