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Keith Laumer

John Keith Laumer

Both Contemporary Authors and St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers have entries.

US author (June 9, 1925 – January 23, 1993) born June 9, 1925 in Syracuse, NY and died January 23, 1993.

Also known as: Keith Laumer, John Keith Laumer, Anthony LeBaron

Baen has most of his stories back in print.

  • "Greylorn" April 1959 Amazing Science Fiction Stories. At PG.
  • "Gambler's World" Worlds of If November 1961. At PG.
  • "The Yillian Way" Worlds of If January 1962. At PG.
  • "It Could Be Anything" Amazing January 1963. At PG.
  • "A Trace of Memory" 1963. July, August, September 1962 Amazing Stories. The novel version is supposed to be longer than the magazine publication.
  • "Doorstep" Galaxy February 1961. At PG.
  • "The King of the City" Galaxy August 1961. At PG.
  • "End as a Hero" Galaxy June 1963. At PG.
  • "A Bad Day for Vermin" Galaxy February 1964. At PG.
  • "The Long Remembered Thunder" Worlds of Tomorrow April 1963. At PG.
  • "The Star-Sent Knaves" Worlds of Tomorrow June 1963. At PG.
  • "The Night of the Trolls" Worlds of Tomorrow October 1963. At PG.
  • "The Frozen Planet" IF September 1961. At PG.
  • "The Madman From Earth" IF March 1962. At PG.
  • "Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain" IF May 1962. At PG.
  • "Aide Memoire" IF July 1962. At PG.
  • "Cultural Exchange" IF September 1962. At PG.
  • "The Desert and the Stars" IF November 1962. At PG.
  • "Saline Solution" IF March 1963. At PG.
  • "Mightiest Qorn" IF July 1963. At PG.
  • "The Governor of Glave" IF November 1963. At PG.
  • "Worlds of the Imperium" Ace 1962 originally published in Fantastic February, March, April 1961. PG cleared.
  • "Envoy To New Worlds" Ace 1963. All of the pieces are at PG.
    • "Protocol" vt. "The Yillian Way"
    • "Sealed Orders" vt. "Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain"
    • "Cultural Exchange"
    • "Aide Memoire"
    • "Policy" vt. "The Madman From Earth"
    • "Palace Revolution" vt. "Gambler's World"
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