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Harry Harrison

Harry Max Harrison, Harry Maxwell Harrison, Henry Maxwell Dempsey, Felix Boyd, Leslie Charteris, Hank Dempsey.

Born March 12, 1925 in Stamford, Connecticut as Henry Maxwell Dempsey.

Short story bibliography

dvdeug has a copy of "Harry Harrison: An Annotated Bibliography"

St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers and Contemporary Authors have entries.


  • Rock Diver
    • First published in Worlds Beyond #3, February 1951


  • An Artist's Life
    • First published in Rocket Stories #3, September 1953
  • Web of the Worlds (with Katherine MacLean)
    • First published in Fantasy Fiction #4, November 1953


  • "Navy Day" If January 1954. At PG.


  • "The Velvet Glove" Fantastic Universe November 1956. At PG.


  • World in the Balance
    • Only published in Fantastic Universe, June 1957
  • The Stainless Steel Rat
    • First published in Astounding Science Fiction, Aug 1957
  • Welcoming Committee
    • First published in Fantastic Universe (by Felix Boyd).
  • Captain Bedlam
    • First published in Science Fiction Adventures, December 1957


  • Open All Doors (with Hubert Pritchard)
    • Only published in Fantastic Universe, February 1958
  • "The Repairman" Galaxy February 1958. dpproject:projectID46708175bb4be[1]
    • Galaxy Science Fiction (British edition) February 1958
    • as "Le Phare des Le'zards" in Galaxie #55, June 1958 (in French)
    • Galaxy Science Fiction (American Edition) July 1959
  • The Robot Who Wanted to Know
    • First published in Fantastic Universe, March 1958 (as by Felix Boyd)
  • Simulated Trainer
    • As "Trainee for Mars" first published in Fantastic Universe, June 1958
    • As "Trainee for Mars" published in New Worlds #75, September 1958
  • The World Otalmi Made
    • First published in Science Fiction Adventures, June 1958
  • "Arm of the Law" Fantastic Universe August 1958. At PG.


  • The Robots Strike
    • Only published in Fantastic Universe, January 1959
  • I See You
    • First published in New Words #83, May 1959
  • Hitch Hiker
    • Published in The Saint Mystery Magazine, December 1959
    • Published in The Saint Mystery Magazine (British edition) February 1960


  • "The Misplaced Battleship" ASF April 1960. At PG.
    • First published in Astounding/Analog, April 1960. Illustrated by John Schoenherr
    • Published in Astounding Science Fiction (British edition), August 1960
  • Case of the Comic Killer
    • First published in Tightrope #2, May 1960
    • Published in The Saint Mystery Magazine, January 1966
  • "The K-Factor"
    • First published in Analog, December 1960
    • Published in Analog (British edition), April 1961. Illustrated by Leo Summers
  • "Deathworld" At PG.
    • Analog January, February, March 1960. Illustrated by Henry von Dongen.


  • Survival Planet
    • First published in F&SF August 1961
    • Published in F&SF (British edition) December 1961
  • The Stainless Steel Rat: A Science Fiction Novel
    • First published in novel form by Pyramid November 1961; expansion of 1957's "Stainless Steel Rat" and 1960's "The Misplaced Battleship"


  • Toy Shop Analog April 1962. At PG.
  • Death at 60,000
  • Terror in Tivoli
  • War with the Robots
  • Death in Mexico
  • The Pliable Animal
  • The Streets of Ashkelon (vt. An Alien Agony)
  • Planet of the Damned 1962 vt. Sense of Obligation Analog, September, October, November 1961. At PG.


  • Captain Horatio Harpplayer, R.N. F&SF March 1963 RE-534-150
  • "The Ethical Engineer" Analog July August 1963. At PG.
  • Fuzz-Head
  • Down to Earth
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