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Harlan Ellison

  • "Gnomebody" Amazing October 1956. RE0000249578
  • "Savage Wind" Amazing January 1957. RE0000230730
  • "The Glass Brain" Amazing September 1957. RE0000271462
  • "Back to the Drawing Boards" Fantastic Universe August 1958. RE0000315599 on B00000715385.
  • "Life Hutch" IF April 1956. RE0000249578 on B00000585378.
  • "The Savage Swarm" Amazing March 1957. RE0000271462 on B00000638382.
  • "Escape Route" Amazing March 1957 as by Lee Archer. RE0000271462 on B00000638382.
  • "S.R.O." Amazing March 1957 as by Ellis Hart. RE0000271462 on B00000638382.
  • "The Crackpots" If June 1956. RE0000251019 on TX0001483133.
  • "Wanted in Surgery" If August 1957. RE0000271462 on B00000656681.
  • "The Sky is Burning" IF August 1958. RE0000315599 on B00000716659.
  • "Glow Worm" Infinity February 1956. PG clearance requested.