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All fiction contributions to Galaxy that could be cleared with Rule 6 are posted to Project Gutenberg.

Galaxy, also known as Galaxy Magazine and Galaxy Science Fiction. (ISFDB list.)

For holdings by DP users, see pulp holdings#Galaxy. There are no known full-issue renewal listings for Galaxy; if there were, they would be listed under each issue.

To see the original unformatted dump of "galaxy" "galaxy magazine" and "galaxy science fiction" (which should not be trusted for completeness), see this archive page.

This page is incomplete; feel free to add copyright clearance request numbers, notes that a work has been cleared, copyright renewals numbers (RE-whatever), or anything else. Please keep the format consistent. I'm currently listing only short stories, novellas and novelettes. The magazine contained interior artwork, essays, and book reviews as well, which aren't listed here.

This page is intended to be useful as a jumping-off point. It is not a substitute for doing the searches yourself, but is only intended to save time by showing that certain works certainly were renewed, or were written by non-American authors. Please also be sure to avoid duplicating effort by checking the in-progress list for anything you're thinking of working on, and note that a work is in progress if you find it there.



October 1950 Done


  • Clifford D. Simak, Time Quarry [1/3] (Time and again 1951 RE0000040920)
  • Richard Matheson, Third from the Sun (R680435)
  • Theodore Sturgeon, The Stars Are the Styx (RE-31-280)
  • Fritz Leiber, Later Than You Think
  • Katherine MacLean, Contagion
  • Fredric Brown, The Last Martian (RE-10-133)
  • Isaac Asimov, Darwinian Pool Room

November 1950 Done


  • Clifford D. Simak, Time Quarry [2/3] (Time and again 1951 RE0000040920)
  • Fredric Brown, Honeymoon in Hell (RE-10-133)
  • Anthony Boucher, Transfer Point
  • Isaac Asimov, Misbegotten Missionary (later collected as Green Patches) (R674143)
  • Fritz Leiber, Coming Attraction
  • Damon Knight, To Serve Man (RE-3-643)

December 1950 Done


  • Clifford D. Simak, Time Quarry [3/3] (Time and again 1951 RE0000040920)
  • James H. Schmitz, The Second Night of Summer (R679695)
  • Raymond F. Jones, A Stone and a Spear
  • Ross Rocklynne, Jaywalker
  • Richard Matheson, The Waker Dreams
  • Sam Merwin, Jr., Judas Ram



January 1951 Done


  • Isaac Asimov, Tyrann [1/3] (R679696)
  • Fredric Brown and Mack Reynolds, Dark Interlude (RE-10-133)
  • Theodore Sturgeon, Rule of Three (RE-31-280)
  • William Campbell Gault, Made to Measure
  • John D. MacDonald, Susceptibility (RE-5-410)
  • Frank M. Robinson, The Reluctant Heroes

February 1951 Done


  • Isaac Asimov, Tyrann [2/3] (RE-20-636)
  • Ray Bradbury, The Fireman (RE-38-968)
  • Lester del Rey, And It Comes Out Here
  • Betsy Curtis, The Protector
  • Clifford D. Simak, Second Childhood
  • Frank M. Robinson, Two Weeks in August

March 1951 Done


  • Isaac Asimov, Tyrann [3/3] (RE-20-636)
  • Lester del Rey, The Wind Between the Worlds (RE-20-638)
  • Murray Leinster, The Other Now
  • Clifford D. Simak, Good Night, Mr. James (RE-17-932)
  • John Christopher, Socrates



June 1952 Done


  • Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth, Gravy Planet [1/3] (RE-66-722)
  • Bryce Walton, The Highest Mountain
  • Michael Shaara, Orphans of the Void
  • William Morrison, Shipping Clerk
  • Richard Wilson, The Hoaxters (RE-67-698)
  • C. M. Kornbluth (as Simon Eisner), The Luckiest Man in Denv

July 1952 Done


  • Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth, Gravy Planet [2/3] (RE-66-722)
  • Mark Clifton, Star, Bright
  • Roger Dee, Wailing Wall
  • Edward Wellen, Origins of Galactic Slang (RE-63-776)
  • John Wyndham, Dumb Martian (British author, d. 1969)
  • Richard Matheson, Shipshape Home (RE-76-216)

August 1952 Done


  • Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth, Gravy Planet [3/3] (RE-66-722)
  • James Blish, Surface Tension (RE-65-443)
  • Fritz Leiber, Yesterday House
  • Robert Sheckley, Proof of the Pudding
  • Joseph Shallit, Education of a Martian

September 1952 Done


  • Roger Dee, Today is Forever
  • F. L. Wallace, Delay in Transit
  • James H. Schmitz, The Altruist (RE-52-755)
  • Katherine MacLean, The Snowball Effect
  • Dean Evans, The Moons of Mars
  • Evelyn E. Smith, Tea Tray in the Sky
  • Gordon R. Dickson, The Mousetrap (RE-49-635)



March 1953 Done

ISFDB v5n6 B00000399037 -

  • The Old Die Rich - H. L. Gold At PG.
  • Student Body - F. L. Wallace At PG.
  • Horse Trader - Poul Anderson (RE0000138125)
  • Games - Katherine MacLean At PG.
  • Secret of the House - H. H. Holmes (RE0000128094 - Invalid First Pub information)
  • The Drop - John Christopher (UK citizen, aka Youd, Samuel Christopher)

April 1953 Done

ISFDB v6n1 B00000404197

  • Made in U.S.A. - J. T. M'Intosh (UK citizen)
  • University - Peter Philips (UK Citizen)
  • The Sentimentalists - Murray Leinster
  • Seventh Victim - Robert Sheckley Published in Untouched by Human Hands with RE0000179546.
  • Unready to Wear - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (RE0000106545)
  • Origins of Galactic Law - Edward Wellen (RE0000097104)

May 1953 Done

ISFDB v6n2 B00000409328

  • Wherever you May Be - James Gunn (RE0000093048)
  • Junkyard - Clifford Simak (RE0000135268)
  • Specialist - Robert Sheckley Published in Untouched by Human Hands with RE0000179546.
  • A Gleeb for Earth - Charles Schafhauser
  • Not Fit for Children - Evelyn E. Smith

July 1953 Done

ISFDB v6n4 B00000417665

  • Kindergarten - Clifford Simak (RE-135268)
  • The Weather on Mercury - William Morrison
  • Soldier Boy - Michael Shaara
  • Caretaker - James Schmidt (RE-95741)
  • Home is the Hunter - CL Moore & Henry Kutner RE0000105675
  • A Bad Day for Sales - Fritz Leiber
  • Green Grew the Lasses - Ruth Laura Wainwright

Sept 1953 Done

ISFDB v6n6 TX0000799706

  • The Touch of Your Hand - Theodore Sturgeon (RE0000128978)
  • Far From the Warming Sun - R. D. Nicholson Australian
  • Delayed Action - Charles V. DeVet At PG.
  • Worrywart - Clifford D. Simak (RE0000135268)
  • Problem on Balak - Roger Dee At PG.
  • New Hire - Dave Dryfoos At PG.
  • Half Past Alligator - Donald Colvin





March 1955 Done


  • Clifford D. Simak, Project Mastodon: Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg
  • Theodore Sturgeon, Who? (RE-184-537)
  • Frederik Pohl, The Candle Lighter (RE-227-254)
  • Miriam Allen deFord, One Way At PG.
  • Charles V. De Vet, Big Stupe At PG.
  • Damon Knight, Dulcie and Decorum RE0000186783.

July 1955 Done


  • Frederik Pohl, The Mapmakers (RE-227-254)
  • William Morrison, Spoken For
  • L. Sprague de Camp, Property of Venus (RE-178-655)
  • Robert Sheckley, Deadhead (RE-190-567)
  • Alan Cogan, The Amateurs
  • Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey (as Edson McCann), Preferred Risk [2/4]

September 1955 Done


  • James E. Gunn, Little Orphan Android (RE-157-342)
  • Robert Sheckley, Hunting Problem (RE-190-567)
  • Richard Matheson, One for the Books (RE-181-636)
  • Robert Zacks, The Freelancer
  • F. L. Wallace, End as a World
  • Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey (as Edson McCann), Preferred Risk [4/4]

October 1955 Done


  • Cordwainer Smith, The game of rat and dragon: Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg
  • Robert Sheckley, A Ticket to Tranai (RE-190-567)
  • F. L. Wallace, Bolden's pets: Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg
  • Evelyn E. Smith, Jack of No Trades At PG.
  • William Tenn, The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway (RE-193-969)
    • The renewal refers to a story "Pub. 1955-10-10" "In Galaxy, Nov. 1955". I don't know if this impacts its validity; I really doubt it.
  • Stephen Tall, The Lights on Precipice Peak At PG.

November 1955 Done


  • James H. Schmitz, The Ties of Earth [1/2] (RE-159-173)
  • Bill Clothier, The Semantic War
  • Philip K. Dick, Autofac (RE-190-631)
  • Max Tadlock, Cause of Death
  • Robert Sheckley, Warriors Return (RE-190-567)
  • Frederik Pohl (as Charles Satterfield), With Redfern on Capella XII (RE-157-268)



January 1956 Done


  • Alan E. Nourse, Brightside Crossing At PG.
  • Lester del Rey, The Dwindling Years At PG.
  • Robert Abernathy, Junior At PG.
  • James E. Gunn, The Gravity Business At PG.
  • Robert Sheckley, The Body (RE-190-567)
  • Richard R. Smith, The Snare At PG.
  • James H. Schmitz, The Ties of Earth [2/2]
    • But part 1 was definitely renewed, so this doesn't do us any good.

March 1956 Done

ISFDB B00000570625

  • Frederick Pohl, Slave Ship (RE0000227114)
  • L. Sprague DeCamp, A Gun for Dinosaur (RE0000204870)
  • James E. Gunn, Tsylana (RE0000208191)
  • Gordon R. Dickerson, Flat Tiger (RE0000224245)
  • Robert F. Young, Little Red Schoolhouse (RE0000220789)

May 1956 Done


  • Wyman Guin, Volpla
  • Jim Harmon, Name Your Symptom
  • Edward W. Ludwig, A Coffin for Jacob
  • Arthur Sellings, One Across
  • Frederik Pohl, Slave Ship [3/3] (RE-227-114)

June 1956 Done


  • Floyd L. Wallace, Mezzerow Loves Company
  • Robert Sheckley (as Ned Lang), Death Wish (RE-191-385)
  • Richard Maples, The Scapegoat
  • Evelyn E. Smith, The Venus Trap
  • Jack Taylor, The Moralist
  • Alan Cogan, In the Cards

August 1956 Done


  • William Tenn, Time in Advance (RE-200-427)
  • Robert Sheckley, Early Model (RE-191-385)
  • Theodore Sturgeon, The Claustrophile (RE-220-698)
  • Clifford D. Simak, Honorable Opponent (RE-224-246)
  • James Blish, The Genius Heap RE0000226748
  • Damon Knight, This Way to the Regress RE0000225273



March 1957 Done


  • Evelyn E. Smith, The Ignoble Savages
  • Theodore Sturgeon, The Other Celia (RE-263-383)
  • Neil P. Ruzic, The Deep One
  • J. F. Bone, Survival Type
  • Poul Anderson, The Light (RE-275-835)
  • Damon Knight, An Eye for a What? (RE-275-834)

May 1957 Done


  • Frederik Pohl, Survival Kit
  • Joe Gibson, A Touch of E Flat • novelette by
  • Fritz Leiber, Time in the Round • novelette by
  • Robert Sheckley, The Language of Love (RE-275-836)
  • Clifford D. Simak, Founding Father (RE-265-292)
  • Raymond E. Banks, Double Dome (RE-253-086)
  • Richard Wilson, Quota for Conquest (RE-261-278)

June 1957 Done


  • Clifford D. Simak, Lulu (RE-265-292)
  • Alan E. Nourse, Prime Difference
  • Evelyn E. Smith, The Hardest Bargain (RE-247-468)
  • Lloyd Biggle, Jr., Leading Man (RE-299-623)
  • Daniel F. Galouye, Shock Troop (RE-264-255)
  • Jim Harmon, Confidence Game

July 1957 Done


  • Poul Anderson, A World Called Maanerek (later republished as Memory) (RE-275-835)
  • Robert Sheckley (as Finn O'Donnevan), A Wind is Rising (RE-275-836)
  • Avram Davidson, Help! I Am Dr. Morris Goldpepper (RE-258-475)
  • Charles V. De Vet, Growing Up on Big Muddy
  • Robert Sheckley, The Deaths of Ben Baxter (RE-275-836)



December 1958 Done

ISFDB v17n2 B00000735493

  • Join now - Finn O’Donnevan, pseud. of Robert Sheckley (RE0000345558)
  • Ullward's Retreat - Jack Vance (RE0000310477)
  • Nightmare with Zepplins - Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth (RE0000345602)
  • The Number of the Beast - Fritz Leiber (RE0000289889)
  • Time Killer 3/4 - Robert Sheckley (RE0000345558)
    • Note: Oct58 B00000724810. Nov58 B00000729776. Feb59 B00000742768.



August 1959 Done


  • Christopher Grimm, Someone To Watch Over Me
  • E. C. Tubb, Last of the Morticians (British author, alive as of 2007)
  • Clifford D. Simak, A Death in the House (RE-358-323)
  • Wilson Tucker, King of the Planet (RE-351-842)
  • John Brunner, Silence (British author, d. 1995)
  • Elizabeth Mann Borgese, True Self (RE-339-533)
  • Frederik Pohl (as Charles Satterfield), Way Up Yonder (RE-364-004)