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G. Harry Stine

George Harry Stine

aka Lee Correy

Born March 26, 1928, in Philadelphia, PA

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Books as G. Harry Stine

  • Rocket Power and Space Flight, Holt, 1957. RE-257-830
  • Earth Satellites and the Race for Space Superiority, Ace Books, 1957. RE-258-483
  • Man and the Space Frontier, Knopf, 1962.

as Lee Correy

  • Starship through Space, Holt, 1954. RE-120-784
  • Contraband Rocket, Ace Books, 1955. RE-215-502
  • Rocket Man, Holt, 1956. RE-162-868

Lots of shorts.

in Analog as G. Harry Stine

  • Time for Tom Swift, January, 1961. (article)
  • Science Fiction Is Too Conservative, May, 1961. (article)
  • "Demon in a Bottle" ASF April 1960. (article)

in Astounding as Lee Correy

  • "... And a Star to Steer Her By" Astounding June 1953
  • "Pioneer" Astounding August 1953
  • "The Education of Icky" Astounding January 1957
  • "Something in the Sky" Astounding May 1957 RE-256-450
  • "Test Stand" Astounding March 1955 RE-162-502
  • "Design Flaw" ASF February 1955. RE-162-503
  • "The Plains of San Augustine" ASF April 1955. RE-162-504

in F&SF as G. Harry Stine

  • The Truth of the Matter, #66, November, 1956. (article)
  • "Wireroad" Fantastic Universe September 1956. RE0000205056 on B00000603814.