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David Gordon

The Gale online biography resource center does not have an entry. Contento claims it's a pseudonym of Randall Garrett. The isfdb also claims it's a pseudonym of Randall Garrett. Gordon Randall Garrett was born December 16, 1927 in Lexington, MO and died December 31, 1987 in Waco, TX. Both Contemporary Authors and St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers have entries for Randall Garrett.

  • "With No Strings Attached" ASF February 1963. PG cleared.
  • "Despoilers of the Golden Empire" ASF March 1959. PG cleared.
  • "Cum Grano Salis" ASF May 1959. PG cleared.
  • "...Or Your Money Back" ASF September 1959. PG cleared.
  • "By Proxy" ASF September 1960. PG cleared.
  • "Hanging by a Thread" ASF August 1961. PG clearance requested.
  • "The Asses of Balaam" ASF October 1961. PG clearance requested.
  • "The Foreign Hand-Tie" ASF December 1961. PG clearance requested.

-- Main.GregWeeks - 21 Jan 2007