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Alfred Coppel

born November 9, 1921 in Oakland, CA and died May 30, 2004 in Menlo Park, CA.

both Contemporary Authors and St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers have entries.

Also known as: Alfred Coppel, Robert Cham Gilman, A. C. Marin, Alfred Marin

  • "The Hills of Home" Future Science Fiction No. 30 May 1956. At PG.
  • "Turnover Point" Amazing April-May 1953. At PG.
  • "The Invader" Imagination February 1953. At PG.
  • "Turning Point" If November 1953. At PG.
  • "The Peacemaker" If January 1953. At PG.
  • "Double Standard" Galaxy February 1952. At PG.
  • "Community Property" IF December 1954. At PG.
  • "Jinx Ship to the Rescue" Planet Stories Winter 1948. At PG.
  • "Runaway" Planet Stories Spring 1949. At PG.
  • "The Starbusters" Planet Stories Summer 1949. At PG.
  • "Captain Midas" Planet Stories Fall 1949. At PG.
  • "Flight From Time" Planet Stories Winter 1949. At PG.
  • "The First Man On the Moon" Planet Stories Spring 1950. At PG.
  • "Warrior Maid of Mars" Planet Stories Summer 1950. At PG.
  • "The Rebel of Valkyr" Planet Stories Fall 1950. At PG.
  • "The Last Two Alive!" Planet Stories November 1950. At PG.
  • "Task To Luna" Planet Stories January 1951. At PG.
  • "Tydore's Gift" Planet Stories September 1951. At PG.
  • "Wreck Off Triton" Planet Stories November 1951. At PG.
  • "The Flight Of the Eagle" Planet Stories September 1953 as by Sol Galaxan. At PG.
  • "Preview Of Peril" Planet Stories September 1953. At PG.
  • "The Terror" Future November 1950. PG cleared.
  • "Touch the Sky" Startling Stories Summer 1955. PG clearance requested.