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There has been work underway to improve the navigation bar (see Navigation Bar Updates for more information). This page is designed to compare the existing design (live on and the new proposal (can be tested in Casey's sandbox).

This design focused on overall usability, including improving the wrapping, increasing the size of the font, and reordering the links to be more task-centric.

Here are some "before and after" screenshots taken by Frau Sma. Note that she is using a non-default color scheme ("Classic Grey" selected under Preferences -> Theme) -- the design updates do not change any of the site's colors. In addition, she has access to all of the rounds making her links longer than the average user's.

Wide windows

Here's a sample of the current navbar with a wide window:


Here's a sample of the new navbar with approximately the same window width:


Changes to note:

  • increased font size to improve legibility
  • links have been rearranged with the project-centric links on the left and the non-project links on the right
  • link for the current page is bolded (screenshot was taken on the Activity Hub page)
  • a link to "Statistics Central" (reading "Stats") has been added
  • the Preferences link has been shortened to "Prefs"

Narrow windows

Here's a sample of the current navbar with a narrow window:


Here's a sample of the new navbar with the same window width:


Changes to note:

  • differences in wrapping: if all of the links are unable to fit on one line, the right set of links will slide under the left set of links in a predictable manner