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This page contains some samples of ligatures taken from various blackletter projects on DP (in no particular order).

Le songe doré de la pucelle.

Quite often the right "round" part of letters b, h, p, v is merged with the left "round" part of letters such as e and o.

Pucelle ligs.png

de   do       ho   pe   po   ve   vo

L'amant rendu cordelier à l'observance d'amours (1490).

Amant cordelier ligs.jpg

ce    de    pa    po

Les adevineaux amoureux (1479-1484) {P3 skipped} {F1 skipped} {F2 skipped}.

Advineaux amoureux ligs.png

ce    cl    cr    ct    de    do    pe    po    pp    re

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