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16-Mar-04: pourlean created this post - yell if you hate the format - I wanted something I could easily take to the library. ;)

25-Mar-04: brendanoconnor added Blackwood's.

25-Mar-04: dvdeug added Phillips.

28-Mar-04 richyfourtytwo added Reflexionen (german) by W. Rathenau

28-Mar-04: Blues added link to page fiinders post (below)

28-Mar-04: Mama Lu changed her entry so it didn't sound so idiotic.

29-Mar-04: slshell deleted The Human Chord (Thanks Thaad!)

03-Apr-04: tterrag added request

03-Apr-04: JulietS claimed Between the Lines

07-Apr-04: JohnHa0 removed two he had fulfilled for garvint and added one

11-Apr-04: Magpie added request

14-Apr-04: removed tterrag's request

19-Apr-04: Labyrinths added request

20-Apr-04: Magpie added request

13-May-04: sillyboy added request

18-May-04: leahleah added request

24-May-04: brendan removed request for Blackwood's page.

25-May-04: jthangar removed garvint's Yorkshire: Coast and Moorland Scenes

06-Jun-04: Removed Apostles Creed & Ingoldsby Legends

01-Jul-04: shimmin added Tesla

04-Jul-04: mikeyc21 removed fulfilled requests: Audubon, John Gower. Added note to History of Rome

10-Jul-04: DANewman claimed and fulfilled request for Dasguptah's History of Indian Philosophy Vol. 1

12-Jul-04: dread removed Dasgupta's History of Indian Philosophy Vol.1

03-Aug-04: gmargo added Young People's History of the War with Spain.

03-Aug-04: garvint deleted his requests because he lost the rest of the pages. Rescan time.

18-Aug-04: Tiena added Ticket No. "9672"

23-Aug-04: sillyboy reports that missing page has been provided for "In the Days of My Youth" and it has been posted to PG.

26-Aug-04: Tiena reports that Big_bill is checking out Ticket.

02-Sep-04: brendanoconnor added Blackwood's.

03-Sep-04: thundergnat added request for Dr. Scudder's pages.

10-Sep-04: mechie added request for Whosoever Shall Offend illustration

12-Sep-04: nebogipfel added Private Message links for a couple people who said they didn't know how

14-Sep-04: DazB Added Yr Ynys Unyg; Or, The Lonely Island

15-Sep-04: nebogipfel supplied and deleted Whosoever Shall Offend

15-Sep-04 thundergnat deleted his Dr. Scudder request. Got copy of pages elsewhere.

15-Sep-04: Tiena deleted Ticket No. "9672"

06-Oct-04: claybits added request for WBP Vol3 illustrations

07-Oct-04 brendanoconnor removed Blackwood's

11-Oct-04 jkegg added request for missing illustrations from 2 books

30-Oct-04: wymannmi added request for missing pages of "The London Bawd"

31-Oct-04: jkegg edited entry to remove a request that has been filled.

01-Nov-04: garvint added his name to the list.

04-Nov-04:Miller added request for Randy and Her Friends illustrations

04-Nov-04: Aria added request for Notable women of modern China page rescans.

06-Nov-04: richyfourtytwo added another SciAm entry

11-Nov-04: richyfourtytwo deleted all SciAm entries

11-Nov-04: kphrak added request for The Evolution of an English Town rescans.

11-Nov-04: kphrak removed JohnHa0's entry for Wilson's Tales of the Borders; John gave me these pages.

13-Nov-04: wymannmi: added bibliographic information for "London Bawd"

16-Nov-04: zemkat: tentatively claimed Pot of Gold

16-Nov-04: pourlean trimmed her entries from changelog.

17-Nov-04: GnuPooh added my entry.

17-Nov-04: zemkat: tentatively claimed The Light in the Clearing

19-Nov-04: nebogipfel deleted Notable Women of Modern China, supplied.

27-Nov-04: garvint deleted Pot of Gold, supplied.

28-Nov-04: hve, adding requests for Von Tripolos nach Alexandria. Oops, forgot correct PM link :D

28-Nov-04: ceb claimed _Prince Lazybones_, _The End of the World_, _The Congo and Coasts of Africa_, _The London Bawd_ and _The Evolution of a London Town_.

29-Nov-04: wymannmi: removed request for _The London Bawd_,

28-Nov-04: jkegg removed request for _The Congo and Coasts of Africa_

30-Nov-04: susanskinner added request for The Feast of Virgins and The Principles of Home Decoration

30-Nov-04: kphrak removed request for _Evolution of an English Town_.

01-Dec-04: hve corrected a typo in his user id again. There should be some fail-safe method here  :oops:

02-Dec-04: zemkat claimed _Pot of Gold_ and _Principles of Home Decoration_.

02-Dec-04: garvint added False Friends / The Sailor's Resolve.

05-Dec-04: dvdeug added Christmas Customs.

07-Dec-04: susanskinner added Midsummer Travels

07-Dec-04: garvint added Browning

08-Dec-04: susanskinner removed request for The Principles of Home Decoration

09-Dec-04: leahleah removed request for Hymns, Songs, and Fables for Young People

09-Dec-04: zemkat claimed Browning's England

13-Dec-04: sillyboy added The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.).

16-Dec-04: Nowhere Man added The Lives of the Poets, Vol II

20-Dec-04: shimmin added Little Eve Edgarton

28-Dec-04: zemkat added The Easiest Way

28-Dec-04: garvint deleted Browning's England, Pot of Gold, False Friends

28-Dec-04: garvint added A History of Classical Roman Literature Vol I

28-Dec-04: garvint claimed Christmas Customs & Traditions

29-Dec-04: zemkat claimed A History of Roman Classical Literature

01-Jan-05: smccarley added With Cochrane the Dauntless

06-Jan-05: zemkat claimed _The Development of the European Nations_

07-Jan-05: zemkat unclaimed _The Development of the European Nations_ (wrong edition)

15-Jan-05: Aldarondo added Furnishing the Home of Good Taste

15-Jan-05: zemkat claimed _Furnishing the Home of Good Taste_

19-Jan-05: Aldarondo deleted Furnishing the Home of Good Taste

20-Jan-05: shimmin added _The Lost Hunter_, _The Indiscreet Letter_

21-Jan-05: ceb deleted _The End of the World_ (posted, apparently....)

23-Jan-05: sharkey added _Gate to Caesar_.

06-Feb-05: ceb claimed _Von Tripolis nach Alexandrien_ (both volumes).

06-Feb-05: garvint added The AEneid of Virgil translated into Scottish Verse

06-Feb-05: garvint added Bussy D'Ambois and the Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois

06-Feb-05: garvint added The Modern Scottish Minstrel -- Vol 6

06-Feb-05: garvint added The Legacy of Greece

06-Feb-05: garvint added The AEneid of Virgil translated into Scottish Verse

10-Feb-05: zemkat tentatively claimed The Legacy of Greece, and claimed The Lost Hunter, and The Development of European Nations

11-Feb-05: ceb deleted _Von Tripolis nach Alexandrien_ (request fulfilled), claimed _The AEneid of Virgil translated into Scottish Verse_, _Bussy D'Ambois and the Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois_, _The Modern Scottish Minstrel -- Vol 6_.

13-Feb-05: ceb deleted _Prince Lazybones_, _The AEneid of Virgil translated into Scottish Verse_, _Bussy D'Ambois and the Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois_, _The Modern Scottish Minstrel -- Vol 6_ (all fulfilled).

14-Feb-05: claybits claimed Little Eva and tentative claim to HEnry V subject to pg verification.

18-Feb-05: shabam claimed With Cochrane the Dauntless, The Fairy Mythology, Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency, and World's Best Poetry - Volume 3.

18-Feb-05: Miller deleted _Randy and Her Friends_

18-Feb-03: garvint added Lectures in Navigation.

19-Feb-05: grythumn added Hall's Distiller.

22-Feb-05: garvint added Hero of Esthonia vols 1 & 2.

23-Feb-05: garvint added Oxford Book of Ballads, The Modern Scottish Minstrel, The Latin & Irish lives of Ciaran. Beowulf (R.W. Chambers), The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus, The Sailor's Word-book, Renaissance in Italy--Italian Literature

24-Feb-05: dvdeug added Indians of the Yosemite Valley

25-Feb-05: zemkat claimed Indians of the Yosemite Valley

25-Feb-05: zemkat deleted A Light in the Clearing, The Lost Hunter, Development of the European Nations (all satisfied)

1-Mar-05: Nohwhere Man deleted Lives of the Poets

5-Mar-05: greentea added _The Gospel Day_

10-Mar-05: susanskinner added _The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy_ and _Ancient Egypt_.

16-Mar-05: zemkat removed _Indians of the Yosemite_ (satisfied)

16-Mar-05: zemkat claimed _Ancient Egypt_

20-Mar-05: Tulliver added Cosmografia

30-Mar-05: zemkat removed _Ancient Egypt_, _The Easiest Way_

05-Apr-05: ghilderich added Life of Lord Byron

09-Apr-05: ortonmc added the Life and Labors of Elder John Kline.

10-Apr-05: DopefishJustin claimed _The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tales of Troy_ and _Life and Labors of Elder John Kline_.

15-Apr-05: Cluny added _The Gentleman's Magazine_, Vol. 1, January, 1731.

17-Apr-05: Dervish added _Waif of the Cynthia_

17-Apr-05: ghilderich removed his request.

17-Apr-05: Fraser-Cunliffe added Edward Barnett, or: The Earl's Victims

23-Apr-05: shabam claimed "Turns of Fortune; and Other Tales" and "Reflexionen." Removed "Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency" which has been repaired and posted. 01-May-05: Waif pages supplied, entry from 17 April removed by Dervish

04-May-05: Sihaya added The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg

13-May-05: shabam claimed The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg, Uma Familia Ingleza, The Cross and the Shamrock, Edward Barnett, or The Earl's Victims and The Brother Clerks

16-May-05: Tulliver removed _Cosmografia_

26-May-05: cbgrf added Los Favores del Mundo

30-May-05: Aldarondo added The Nursery & A MAN FOR THE AGES

08-Jun-05: zemkat claimed A Man for the Ages

08-Jun-05: jnik claimed A Midsummer Drive through the Pyrenees

08-Jun-05: ortonmc removed Elder John Kline, missing pages provided by DopefishJustin.

09-Jun-05: ghilderich added All Around the Moon by Jules Verne.

09-Jun-05: greentea added Twenty Years of Hus'ling

09-Jun-05: dvdeug added Dardistan in 1866, 1886, and 1893

10-Jun-05: zemkat claimed Twenty Years of Hus'ling

12-Jun-05: jnik claimed All Around the Moon

12-Jun-05: greentea added Bidwell's Travels and Shakspere Personal Recollections

13-Jun-05: ghilderich removed All Around the Moon by Jules Verne, images provided by jnik.

26-Jun-05: JHowse added Japan, its history, arts, and literature. volume 2 (and fixed userid :shock: )

26-Jun-05: dvdeug added How to Produce Amateur Plays

29-Jun-05: JHowse removed Japan, its history, arts, and literature. volume 2 missing page 55. provided by nebogipfel

01-Jul-05: Fraser-Cunliffe added Sparkling gems of Race Knowledge and The Choctaw Freedmen

01-Jul-05: dvdeug added HP Lovecraft's writings in the United Amateur

07-Jul-05: JHowse added 'Over the top' with the Third Australian Division

22-Jul-05: zemkat claimed "Shakspere: personal recollections"

23 Jul-05: Aria amended 'Over the Top'

23-Jul-05: greentea claimed 'Choctaw Freedmen' and 'Servia'

25-Jul-05: greentea unclaimed 'Choctaw Freedmen' (missing from library storage) and 'Servia' (possible pagination error by the printer? edition also skips pages); claimed 'Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893' and 'Mountain interval'

28-Jul-05: jhellingman added misspage request.

28-Jul-05: greentea removed "Shakspere: Personal Recollections," provided by zemkat

02-Aug-05: dvdeug removed Mountain Interval and Dardistan, provided by greentea

03-Aug-05: greentea claimed 'How to Produce Amateur Plays'

05-Aug-05: Halamus added misspage request.

06-Aug-05: DaveKline added "Cowboy Songs".

09-Aug-05: greentea claimed "Cowboy Songs"

10-Aug-05: DaveKline removed "Cowboy Songs".

12-Aug-05: ghilderich added The Wonders of Pompeii

14-Aug-05: rfrank claimed Puritan Twins

16-Aug-05: DaveKline added "Governments of Europe"

16-Aug-05: JHowse removed 'Over the top with the Third Australian Division' image provided by remarcsd :)

17-Aug-05: shabam claimed several and removed a couple of old/provided requests.

18-Aug-05: smccarley removed "With Cochrane the Dauntless"

18-Aug-05: greentea noted claybits' claim of "The Gospel Day"

19-Aug-05: brendanoconnor added Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

22-Aug-05: ghilderich removed his request. Missing image provided by Peter Why. Thanks!

23-Aug-05: greentea claimed Blackwood's vols 61 & 62; removed 'How to Produce Amateur Plays' (provided scans for dvdeug a while ago).

27-Aug-05: brendanoconnor removes Blackwood's.

28-Aug-05: greentea removed 'The Gospel Day,' provided by claybits

1-Sep-05: laurawisewell added 'Robert Burns: How to know him'

2-Sep-05: LCantoni added 'Hymns, Songs, and Fables for Young People'

4-Sep-05: JulietS added Young Folks Treasure vol 1 and St Nicholas 78-04

9-Sep-05 richyfourtytwo added Sieben Jahre in Sud-Afrika Vol.2

10-Sep-05: LCantoni removed "Hymns, Songs, and Fables for Young People"

18-Sep-05: murraypaul added "William Pitt and the Great War"

18-Sep-05: greentea claimed "William Pitt and the Great War"

18-Sep-05: murraypaul added "Oliver Cromwell"

18-Sep-05: ortonmc added "The Nation's River"

19-Sep-05: ortonmc added an additional request to "The Nation's River"

20-Sep-05: macka added request

25-Sep-05: greentea removed "Bidwell's Travels" (scans provided by shabam)

26-Sep-05: claybits removed "World's Best Poetry" (scans provided by shabam)

29-Sep-05: susanskinner removed her old entries and added "A School History of the Great War."

01-Oct-05: JHowse added "Spalding's Official Baseball Guide, 1915"

01-Oct-05; lpryor added "Tacitus, the Histories"

01-Oct-05: greentea claimed "Tacitus, the Histories"

06-Oct-05: JHowse edited "Spalding's Official Baseball Guide, 1915" entry

07-Oct-05: JHowse edited "Spalding's Official Baseball Guide, 1915" entry *again*

07-Oct-05: jhauser added "The Insect Folk" by Morley, Margaret W.

15-Oct-05: susanskinner added "Stories and Sketches"

19-Oct-05: greentea removed "William Pitt and the Great War" (provided a while ago), and claimed "Sieben jahre in Sud-Afrika"

21-Oct-05: lpryor removed "Tacitus, the Histories" (scan provided by greentea)

24-Oct-05: murraypaul added "Memoirs of the Court and Cabinet of George the Third Vol 1"

25-Oct-05: jandar claimed "St Nicholas Magazine, April, 1878"

25-Oct-05 jim added "The Treasure-Train"

26-Oct-05 jandar claimed "The Indiscreet Letter"

26-Oct-05 shimmin deleted his entry.

29-Oct-05 dclarke884 added A Kut Prisoner, Experiences of a Dug-out & The Sherwood Foresters

05-Nov-05 lucy24 added Arnold Boecklin with link

05-Nov-06 JulietS added Barnavannen

07-Nov-05 dclarke884 added Marion and Augusta

11-Nov-05 dclarke884 edited Experiences of a Dug-out to add 2 more pages and correct a typo :oops:

11-Nov-05: audreyii claimed Oliver Cromwell, Memoirs of the Court and Cabinet of George the Third Vol 1, and Experiences of a Dug-out.

17-Nov-05: audreyii un-claimed Oliver Cromwell

29-Nov-05: susanskinner added Rivals of Acadia

04-Dec-05: greentea removed claim on Sieben Jahre (book too fragile to scan), removed Twenty Years of Hus'ling (scans provided by zemkat), and added Ultima Thule

06-Dec-05: laurawisewell removed Robert Burns (scan provided by bgalbrecht - thanks!).

06-Dec-05: laurawisewell added The Healthy Life

09-Dec-05: dyingling added Money Magic, The Light of the Star, The Tyranny of the Dark, and The Travellers

13-12-05: sankarrukku added Hindu Law and Judicature.

19-Dec-05: dyingling removed The Travellers. (Thanks, zemkat!)

18-Dec-05: garvint claimed Tyranny of the Dark

19-Dec-05: dyingling reports progress on Money Magic and Light of the Star. Books have been requested from library.

21-Dec-05: removed one request, and added an another. (JHellingman)

31-Dec-05: shabam claimed "The Treasure-Train", "The Book of Religions", "Sieben Jahre in Sud-Afrika Vol. 2", "Oliver Cromwell", "The Nation's River: The Department of the Interior Official Report on the Potomac" and "A SCHOOL HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR", removed claim on "Edward Barnett"

1-Jan-06: Sigal added "England, Picturesque and Desciptive", "Tales of a Wayside Inn"

3-Jan-06 shabam claimed "England, Picturesque and Desciptive", and "Tales of a Wayside Inn."

6-Jan-06 ortonmc removed "The Nations River", thanks to shabam!

10-Jan-06 jim removed request for "The Treasure-Train" page, thanks to shabam!

10-Jan-06 shabam claimed "From Bad to Worse, Hard to Beat and a Terrible Christmas"

12-Jan-06 shabam claimed "McClure's Magazine September, 1908" and "The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 1, January 1731" and "Spalding's Official Baseball Guide - 1915"

17-Jan-06: Fraser-Cunliffe added "Criminal Man"

10-Jan-06 shabam removed claim on "From Bad to Worse, Hard to Beat and a Terrible Christmas" same source.

4-Feb-06: laurawisewell removed "The Healthy Life" - scans provided by feorag, thanks!

9-Feb-06: greentea added "The Best Ghost Stories" 11-Feb-06: greentea removed "The Best Ghost Stories" (thanks, shabam!)

12-Feb-06: Fraser-Cunliffe added "Pictures and Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin"

18-Feb-06: pourlean tidied wiki - removed entries which have been fixed.

19-Feb-06: Fraser-Cunliffe added "Junius Unmasked" and removed her projects that have been completed from the change log

22-Feb-06: richyfourtytwo added Frensenius

23-Feb-06: Malcolm Farmer added "Chambers's Edinburgh Journal"

4-March-06: Nicola_K claimed "The life and times of Cleopatra", "Endres Tuchers Baumeisterbuch der Stat Nurnberg", "The Rise of Democracy" and "Rivals of Acadia."

4-March-06: susanskinner updated her entry to remove fixed items.

5-March-06: ghilderich added Rouen, It's History and Monuments

7-March-06: sihaya added Vampire Nemesis

7-March-06: Miller changed request for The Lonely Island to self.

8-March-06: jnik added The Talmud and the Jews

9-March-06: Gene Smethers removed "The Rise of Democracy" request and changelog entry. Scans provided by Nicola_K. Thanks.

18-March-06: Nicola_K claimed Edward Barnett, Lippincott Nov 1873, Chambers's English Journal, Jan 1, 1848

18-March-06: jnik removed The Talmud and the Jews--yep, it's Russian

19-March-06: lucy24 added Life of Schiller, alphabetized post

20-March-06: grumbuskin added "The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs"

22-March-06: richyfourtytwo added "The Great Indian Chief of the West"

25-March-06: Nicola_K claimed "The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War"

25-March-06: camomiletea added "The Grandeur That Was Rome"

26-March-06: lucy24 removed "The Life of Schiller" (done!)

26-March-06: Sigal removed "England, Picturesque and Desciptive" (done) and updated "Tales of a Wayside Inn"

28-March-06: laurawisewell added "A book of natural history"

28-March-06: Chrome claimed "The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs"

29-March-06: dewt claimed "Ultima Thule"

29-March-06 dewt claimed "The Lonely Island"

30-March-06 stacy claimed "A book of natural history"

2-April-06: laurawisewell added "The Path of Duty"

3-April-06: camomiletea removed "The Grandeur That Was Rome"

4-April-06: greentea added big list of projects (helllp!)

5-April-06: grumbuskin removed "The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs" (Thanks to Chrome)

4-April-06: Chrome claimed greentea's "The History of Freedom"

8-April-06: De2164 Adds "The Calico Cat"

9-April-06: laurawisewell removed "A book of natural history" - thanks Stacy!

10-April-06: stacy claimed Manual on American Grape-Growing, Mushroom: How to Grow Them, and possibly The Peaches of New York

12-April-06: dclarke884 removed Experiences of a dugout - thanks to audreyii! Added the Reign of Queen Victoria

12-April-06: bunny-crunch claimed "The Path of Duty"

13-April-06: laurawisewell removed "The Path of Duty" - thanks bunny-crunch!

15-Apr-06: susanskinner added "Ranching, Sport and Travel"

15-Apr-06: stacy unclaimed Manual on American Grape-Growing (library can't find the copy)

17-Apr-06: greentea removed "Mushroom: How to Grow Them" (thanks, stacy!)

17-Apr-06: greentea removed "The History of Freedom" (thanks, Chrome!)

18-Apr-06: Nicola_K claimed "Anciennes loix des francois" and "Rouen, Its History and Monuments"

19-Apr-06: ortonmc removed "The Pears of New York" (done)

19-Apr-06: greentea claimed "Rural Architecture"

20-Apr-06: ortonmc added note under "The grapes of New York"

21-Apr-06: Chrome claimed "Anleitung zur quantitativen Chemischen Analyse" and "Electricity for the Farm," and joined the fight for "Arnold Boecklin."

24-Apr-06: greentea removed "Electricity for the Farm" and "Anciennes... Vol.II" (thanks to Chrome and Nicola_K!)

24-Apr-06: greentea added "Life of St. Francis of Assisi"

24-Apr-06: Estreya added "Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad"

25-Apr_06: ghilderich removed Rouen, Its History and Monuments, missing scans provided by Nicola_K. Thanks!

25-Apr-06: Chrome unclaimed "Anleitung zur quantitativen Chemischen Analyse" - couldn't find correct edition.

26-Apr-06:richyfourtytwo removed The Great Indian Chief of the West. Thx.

28-Apr-06: Chrome fixed my Calico Cat, Thanks.

30-Apr-06: susanskinner removed "Ranching, Sport and Travel." Thanks to jhauser!

2-May-06: greentea removed "Peaches of New York" (thanks, stacy!)

5-May-06: Sigal removed "Tales of a Wayside Inn" (thanks shabam & greentea)

6-May-06: greentea removed "Rural Architecture" -- fixed!

9-May-06: ortonmc claimed "Crops and methods for soil improvement"

13-May-06: lucy24 removed "Arnold Boecklin" -- all done!

18-May-06: Chrome claimed "The Odes of Anacreon"

19-May-06: ortonmc removed "Crops and methods for soil improvement," fixed.