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Grentoring means "group mentoring". It is a way to share information when mentoring that can speed up the mentoring process, and improve the quality of feedback.

Getting Started with Jabber

These steps provide a basic introduction to Jabber. For more specific Jabber infromation, Jabber instructions!

  • Download a jabber client - make sure it can highlight optional text. Most DPers use Psi which does have this feature.
  • Follow the instructions in Jabber instructions for registering with a Jabber server and connecting to the Groupchat room.

Client Configuration

This step is essential to making sure that you do not miss any grentoring messages.

  • Configure your jabber client to highlight words in Groupchat. In Psi, go to the Options menu -> Group Chat -> Add Word
  • Add the words:
    • grentor
    • Grentor

This will ensure that any messages related to grentoring will be highlighted for you.

  • Make sure you 'Apply' your changes.
  • You may find it useful at this stage to add a few extra colours to the 'Nick Colouring List' so when different people "talk" in Group Chat they show up in different colours.

Let's Grentor!

  • Join the main pgdp Group Chat room, If you want to grentor, ask and see if anyone else is interested. It helps to observe a session in progress for a few minutes to get the hang of it.
  • If you get a positive response, you will need to join the grentor Group Chat room - Make sure you have enough time to be able to proof the pages as well as send detailed feedback to beginners. is not for chat. If you have anything to say not related to the grentor task at hand, say it in
  • Collectively determine which mentor project is the oldest, and set the topic to the name of the project. This helps grentors just signing in get started quickly.
  • Open the Project Questions and Comments thread for the project. Scan the forum to see if any beginners have posted (praise them for this in your feedback).

  • Open a browser window which shows big_bill's For Mentors page. This page will show you a list of which pages were proofed by which beginner. Below this information you will see the list of how many pages proofed by each user. If you notice large numbers, encourage the person to try some EASY projects.
  • Start groofing the project. If the first page you start proofing is proofed by user JohnSmith and this proofer has yet to be claimed by another grentor, type into the pgdpgrentor window:
Grentors I have JohnSmith.

All grentors have highlighting enabled, so the lines you just typed will show in bold red text in the pgdpgrentor window. Open a Private Message window for this new proofer using the link in the proofing interface. It helps at this stage to note if this proofer has exceeded the recommended number of beginner pages and how many pages they have proofed in this project. You want to make sure you don't send feedback until all pages for this proofer have been proofed or until the end of the grentor session.

  • As you proof, you will come across pages by proofers other grentors are collecting feedback for. Type into the pgdpgrentor window feedback for this user, make sure you address the person who is collecting feedback for the new proofer as messages which contain nick names also appear in bold red text in the window of that nick name. For example:
MentorGary - JaneJones is proofing italics correctly

will appear bold red to MentorGary, but as a normal chat message to other grentors. Similarly,

MentorMarg - PeterProofer is missing hyphens - example text:
"sympathetically asked Mrs. Smith, a well-
to-do farmer's wife and a neighbor."

will display bold red for MentorMarg, but not to other grentors.

  • While grentoring, collect feedback in the Private Message window for the proofers that you have. When the last page proofed by a beginner has been completed (you can see this on the mentor page), send a normal mentor message to the proofer. Before you begin sending feedback, let the other grentors know by typing
/me is sending feedback to JaneJones and PeterProofer

This lets the other grentors send you any remaining feedback on JaneJones, or PeterProofer.

  • That's all there is to it. You'll find that the project moves much faster then normal mentoring. If you need to leave before the end of a project, please give about 5 minutes warning.

Active Grentors

These people are regular grentors, and you can ask them for help.