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Mendelssohn Letters - Music Wiki


This wiki page is a clearinghouse for volunteer music transcribers working on Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy from Italy and Switzerland.

The project contains a number of easy, short music examples, for which the Project Manager, hdmtrad, has asked for midi files.

Because only midi files are requested, you can use any music notation software you like, as long as it can generate a midi file.

Getting Started

Just follow the 6 easy steps below to get started!

1. Go to the Music List below and claim a page by editing the wiki to add "claimed by [yourname]" next to it. (If you're not comfortable editing the wiki, please send a private message to the DP Music Coordinator, LCantoni, and she'll edit it for you.)

2. Use your favorite software to transcribe the music. Don't worry about purely visual aspects of the music - focus only on the sound aspects for the midi file. Where the tempo isn't indicated, just use your best judgment.

If you have any questions, please post them in the Music Team forum, with a link to the page image, or consult the Music Guidelines, or contact the DP Music Coordinator, LCantoni.

3. When you're done notating, save the midi file with a name that indicates the page number, and (for pages with multiple pieces) a letter indicating which piece it is. For example, the correct filename for page 188.png, first piece, would be 188a.mid, and the second piece would be 188b.mid.

4. If there are any printer errors or other issues with the piece that should be noted, please include them in a transcriber's note text file with the same filename. For example, the transcriber's note file for page 033.png would be 033.txt.

5. Send a private message to hdmtrad, to let her know what you've done, how the files can be retrieved (e.g., via e-mail or Dropbox), and whether and how you'd like to be listed in the credits for the final product.

6. Edit the wiki to note that the piece is done, e.g., "done by [yourname]." (If you're not comfortable editing the wiki, please send a private message to LCantoni, and she'll edit it for you.)

The files will eventually be added to the project's extra files for the use of the PPer.

Thanks for your help!

Music List

Below is the list of music pages, linked to the page images, for Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy from Italy and Switzerland. To claim a page, please click the "edit" link at the top of the page, and in the editing window add next to the page listing, "claimed by [yourname]." Then save the page. When you're done, please edit the wiki to change the claim to "done by [yourname]." See the instructions above for file-naming and contacting the PM when you're done.

Where a page has multiple pieces, the number of pieces is indicated in parentheses next to the page link. When you claim a page with multiple pieces, please do all the pieces on that page. Where pieces are continued on subsequent pages, that is noted in parentheses as well; please be sure to transcribe the entire piece. Thank you!

033 (continued on 034 & 035) - DONE by LCantoni

058 -done by annecel

086-done by annecel

095 (continued on 096 & 097)-done by annecel

149-done by annecel 151-done by annecel 188 (2)-done by annecel 189-done by annecel 191-done by annecel 192 (4)-done by annecel

193 (2)-done by annecel

197 (2; second piece is continued on 198) - DONE by LCantoni

201 (5) - DONE by LCantoni

202 (2) - DONE by LCantoni

205 (5) - DONE by LCantoni

206 - DONE by LCantoni

207 (continued on 208) - DONE by LCantoni

236 -done by annecel

253 (continued on 254)-done by annecel

259-done by annecel

286-done by annecel

289-done by annecel

299-done by annecel

302-done by annecel

304-done by annecel

305-done by annecel

335-done by annecel

361-done by annecel