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**Copyright information:** 
 (d. ).

Now under new management! This project was initiated by 



The index for this book is printed in two columns. To make life easier for the proofers I have split these pages. Reference images are in the project files with an r_ prefix for PP use and for the archives.

Otherwise there are no special instructions for this book. Please follow the normal Guidelines.


Well there is one actually.  Not a special instruction as such but a bit of a departure from the Guidelines for P1.

I'd like the P1 proofers to use the WordCheck facility. This is **mandatory** for the P2 and P3 proofers so this is a chance for the P1 proofers to get into the habit of hitting 'WordCheck' before saving a page.

Here's a short list of rules showing which words I'd like you add to the Good Words suggestion list by using the green flag in the WordCheck interface.

1. It is **correct** to suggest **proper names**.
2. It is **not correct** to suggest **either half of a hyphenated word** that has been split between pages.
3. It is **not correct** to suggest **a word you're unsure about** - typos, unclear words, or anything that looks "wrong" to you. That's where you could leave a [\*\* ] note to comment on your concerns.
4. If you encounter words in **other languages**, please add the appropriate dictionary to WordCheck for that page. Instructions are [here](


**Please remember that WordCheck is mandatory for every page in P2 and P3. Yes, even those pages with only two or three words. Regretfully, pages that have been saved but not WordChecked in these rounds are likely to be cleared and returned to the round.**


**Some useful links:**

[Table of Contents]().  
[List of Plates]().  
[List of Illustrations]().

The page images were harvested from [here](


If you have any queries don't forget that the Project Forum is there to help. 


**Post Processor:** 

If you wish to PP this book, please send me a PM if the project is still in the rounds. This project contains 

An html version will be required for Project Gutenberg.