Life Histories of North American Birds

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Life Histories of North American Birds

Arthur Cleveland Bent was one of America's outstanding ornithologists, and his twenty-volume series, published under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution, forms the most -comprehensive, most complete, most-used source of information in existance. They are all-inclusive studies, classics of our time, and no ornithologist, amateur naturalist, or birdwatcher should be without copies. (So says the Dover cover blurb.)

UberProject Notes

This Uberproject already has 6 volumes in round, and others ready to scan.

Since Bent died before 1960, and the volumes were first printed by the U.S. Government, all except the posthumous volume (Cardinals, etc.) can be cleared in the U.S. and Canada. (It's only fair, the birds cross the border freely....)

Color Illustrations: At least one volume had color plates in the original edition; several volumes did not. If anyone who has access to a color edition of Gulls and Terns and is willing to scan just the color plates, it would be appreciated.

In Postprocessing

In Distributed Proofing

Scanned, in prep

Cleared, hardcopy available

  • 113 Gulls and Terns, August 27, 1921 (joe, stephen) (color plates needed)
  • 167 Birds of Prey (part 1), May 3, 1937 (joe) (color plates?)
  • 170 Birds of Prey (part 2) June 1938 [Joe]
  • 107 Diving Birds (joe, internet archive) (color plates?)
  • 121 Petrels and Pelicans and Their Allies (joe, internet archive) (color plates?)
  • 130 Wild Fowl (part 2), June 27, 1925 (joe, internet archive) (color plates?)
  • 126 Wild Fowl [Part 1] [May 25, 1923] Joe [color plats?]
  • 197 Wagtails, Shrikes, Vireos, and Their Allies.. June 21, 1950 [color plates?] Joe
  • 196 Thrushes, Kinglets, and their Allies June 28, 1949 [color plate?] Joe
  • 135 Marsh Birds March 11, 1927 [color plates?] Joe
  • 195 Nuthatches, Wrens, Thrashers, and their allies Joe July 7, 1947 [color plates?]
  • 203 Wood Warblers (Dover part 2) 1953 (color plates?) Same clearance number as part 1.
  • Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Buntings, Towhees, Finches, Sparrows, and Allies (parts 1, 2, and 3 of 3) (color plates available) (stephen, US; not Canada clearable)
  • Gallinaceous Birds, May 25, 1932 (no color plates) (stephen)

Cleared, hardcopy probably available

  • Flycatchers, Larks, Swallows, and Their Allies, May 8, 1942 (color plates?) (joe)

Hardcopy Available

  • Blackbirds, Orioles, Tanagers and their allies, February 27, 1958 (Stephen) (no color plates)