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LoC classification Z

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Books in Progress at Distributed Proofreaders

  1. Writing and rewriting Carver, George (English) is now in Formatting Round 2: Waiting for Release
  2. Practical typewriting: by the all-finger method, 3d ed. Torrey, Bates (English) is now in Formatting Round 2: Available
  3. The Art of Writing with the Rapidity of Speech James Henry Lewis (English) is now in In Post-Processing

Books Completed and posted to Project Gutenberg

Writing, Printing, Publishing, Oration

  1. A librarian's open shelf: essays on various subjects. Bostwick, Arthur Elmore (English)
  2. Applied Design for Printers Gage, Harry Lawrence (English)
  3. Book repair and restoration Buck, Mitchell S. (English)
  4. Books Before Typography Hamilton, Frederick W. (English)
  5. Capitals Hamilton, Frederick William (English)
  6. Abbreviations and Signs Hamilton, Frederick W. (English)
  7. Compound Words Hamilton, Frederick W. (English)
  8. Division of Words Hamilton, Frederick William (English)
  9. From Xylographs to Lead Molds Forster, H. C. (English)
  10. "Stops" or, How to Punctuate Paul Allardyce (English)
  11. Complete Classified Price List of School and College Textbooks American Book Company (English)
  12. How to Form a Library Wheatley, Henry Benjamin (English)
  13. How to Speak and Write Correctly Joseph Devlin (English)
  14. How to Write Letters (Formerly The Book of Letters) Crowther, Mary Owens (English)
  15. How to write special feature articles Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor (English)
  16. If You Don't Write Fiction Charles Phelps Cushing (English)
  17. Journalism for Women E. A. Bennet (English)
  18. The Bibliography of Walt Whitman Frank Shay (English)
  19. The Style Book of The Detroit News Weeks, A. L. (English)
  20. Handbook of the New York Public Library (1916) Unknown (English)
  21. Manual of the Art of Fiction Clayton Hamilton (English)
  22. News writing, the gathering, handling and writing of news stories Spencer, Matthew Lyle (English)
  23. Newspaper reporting and correspondence (1912) Hyde, Grant Milnor (English)
  24. Practical Argumentation George K. Pattee (English)
  25. Public speaking Stratton, Clarence (English)
  26. Public Speaking, Principles and Practice (8-bit) Irvah Lester Winter (English)
  27. Punctuation Hamilton, Frederick William (English)
  28. The art of public speaking Esenwein, Joseph Berg (1867-1946) (English)
  29. The Author's Printing and Publishing Assistant Anonymous (English)
  30. The Technique of Fiction Writing Robert Saunders Dowst (English)
  31. The Uses of Italics Hamilton, Frederick William (English)
  32. The Writing of the Short Story Lewis Worthington Smith (English)
  33. Word Study and English Grammar Hamilton, Frederick W. (English)
  34. Type Cases and Composing-Room Furniture Stewart, Alexander A. (English)
  35. A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898 Plomer, Henry Robert (English)
  36. Forgotten books of the American nursery Halsey, Rosalie Vrylina. (English)
  37. Libraries in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods Clark, John Willis (English)
  38. Printing and the Renaissance Slater, John Rothwell (English)
  39. Letters & Lettering; A treatise with 200 examples Frank Chouteau Brown (English)
  40. Wood-block Printing Fletcher, F. Morley (English)
  41. Bookbinding, and the care of books Cockerell, Douglas (English)
  42. Fine Books Pollard, Alfred W. (English)
  43. Paper and Printing Recipes John Sawtelle Ford (English)
  44. The Art and Craft of Printing Morris, William (English)
  45. The craft of fiction Lubbock, Percy (English)
  46. The story of books Rawlings, Gertrude Burford (English)

Copyright, censorship

  1. A treatise upon the law of copyright in the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the Crown MacGillivray, Evan James (English)
  2. Copyright Renewals 1950 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  3. Copyright Renewals 1951 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  4. Copyright Renewals 1952 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  5. Copyright Renewals 1953 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  6. Copyright Renewals 1954 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  7. Copyright Renewals 1955 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  8. Copyright Renewals 1956 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  9. Copyright Renewals 1957 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  10. Copyright Renewals 1958 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  11. Copyright Renewals 1959 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  12. Copyright Renewals 1960 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  13. Copyright Renewals 1961 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  14. Copyright Renewals 1962 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  15. Copyright Renewals 1963 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  16. Copyright Renewals 1964 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  17. Copyright Renewals 1965 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  18. Copyright Renewals 1966 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  19. Copyright Renewals 1967 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  20. Copyright Renewals 1968 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  21. Copyright Renewals 1969 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  22. Copyright Renewals 1970 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  23. Copyright Renewals 1971 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  24. Copyright Renewals 1972 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  25. Copyright Renewals 1973 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  26. Copyright Renewals 1974 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  27. Copyright Renewals 1975 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  28. Copyright Renewals 1976 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  29. Copyright Renewals 1977 U.S. Copyright Office (English)
  30. International copyright considered in some of its relations to ethics and political economy Putnam, George Haven (English)