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This page is a collaboration, co-ordination and workspace for Libertarian content @ DP. It is an extension of the Libertarians Team. Welcome! You don't have to belong to the team to contribute but joining the team will increase our rank, our profile and, hopefully, our recruitment to enable us to process more Libertarian books to the public domain.

Join Libertarians! - click here. There's a "Join" link in the header next to the team name. Libertarians will then be listed on the right of your Activity Hub under "Your teams". This is how you would usually access Team discussions and the Team Project page (TBA).
The main team thread discussion area/forum is here. Remember to click the "watch this topic for replies" at the bottom of the forum screen to learn of new books going through the rounds.

We aim to list all the Libertarian books available on DP. If you would like a book listed (either as the PMer or a proofer), please add it below in the appropriate category, or leave a message at the team thread and it'll be added for you.

Better descriptions are welcomed. (Some of the descriptions have been lifted straight from the project comments.)

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Wishlist - Libertarian themed books we would like to get to DP

Libertarian themes

If you find a book you think would be a good addition to Project Gutenberg, first search to see if it is already in progress here, if it's not then please add it below, according to its source. If you can't find it online (check out the online libraries listed in scanned books, below), then put it under Hard Copy. Alternatively, post on the forum.

Scanned books

This is a list of books found available at the various online scan archives related to Libertarian themes that would be suitable for DP. The list is here in the event a CP/PM is looking for an Libertarian Project to put through the rounds.

Please list here (any comments to the forum):


The online library of liberty

  • BOOK I. - Aristotle, The Politics vol. 1 [320 BC]

Hard copy

Please list here (any comments to the forum):

  • We the living by Ayn Rand
  • The slavery of our times by Leo Tolstoy
  • Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and its Influence on Modern Morals and Manners (1793) outlines the political philosophy of the 18th-century philosopher William Godwin.

Providing content

If there's a title you're particularly interested in working on that's not yet in PG but is eligible (i.e., in the public domain), try posting in the Providing Content forum on the "Books I'd Like to See in PG" thread, and if the scans are available online, it will probably appear in P1 in a week or so as if by magic--Content Providers enjoy supplying books that workers are enthusiastic about. Please also leave a note here that you have asked for the project, and, move it to in progress once it gets underway.

Content providers start a book in the process of reaching Project Gutenberg. If you want to do this check out Content providers.

Please use the regular Coordinated_Scan_Harvesting pages to claim any project you want to work on.
Please conduct the regular CP Clearence Searches before claiming a book. List of books In progress and completed: here. The title could have been claimed or cleared by anyone else since the date it was added :).
To keep things organised, please also leave a note here that you have claimed the project, and, move it to in progress once it gets underway.

Books claimed or requested

Please list here (any comments to the forum):

22 April 2011. Request sent to CP forum. Paul Leicester Ford, Pamphlets on the Constitution of the United States, published during its Discussion by the People, 1787-1788 [1787]

Libertarian Content In Progress at DP

Add any books that have entered the DP process that have Libertarian themes here.

Please use the format:

  • *<projectinfo id="projectID#">%link% (%state%)</projectinfo> (edit this section, copy *<projectinfo...projectinfo> to the list and replace the # with the projectID number from the book's project page).

This will automatically update the books progress as it moves through the system.

Please add tags from the tag list as appropriate.

If you are interested in working on any of these books, you can be notified when it becomes available to work on. Click the link to reach the project page, scroll down to the bottom and tick the box by "Project becomes available in a round". I hope this is incentive to get to the higher qualifications - it is certainly possible for you to reach F1 in the time it takes a book to get through the proofing rounds.

Libertarian bookshelf at Project Gutenberg

A repository for the Libertarian books that have passed onto PG. TBA.

See the Aussie's bookshelf for inspiration.

Libertarian reading list at Online Library of Liberty TBA

Libertarian tags

Please expand on this list (any comments to the forum).


  • Individual responsibility
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Constitutionalism
  • Economic freedom
  • Self-ownership
  • Self-management
  • Free will
  • Non-aggression

Theories and ideals

  • Anarchism
  • Counter-economics
  • Dispute resolution organization
  • Economic freedom
  • Egalitarianism
  • Free market
  • Free society
  • Free trade
  • Free will
  • Freedom of association
  • Freedom of contract
  • Homestead principle
  • Individualism
  • Laissez-faire
  • Liberty
  • Limited government
  • Methodological individualism
  • Natural rights
  • Night watchman state
  • Non-aggression
  • Non-interventionism
  • Non-politics
  • Non-voting
  • Participatory economics
  • Polycentric law
  • Property
  • Private defense agency
  • Self-governance
  • Self-ownership
  • Spontaneous order
  • Stateless society
  • Subjective theory of value
  • Tax resistance
  • Title-transfer theory of contract
  • Worker's self management
  • Voluntary association
  • Voluntary society


  • Agorism
  • Anarcho-capitalism
  • Aarcho-communism
  • Autarchism
  • Consequentalist
  • Constitutionalist
  • Crypto-anarchism
  • Deontological
  • Free market *Geolibertarianism
  • Green
  • Minarchist
  • Mutualist
  • Paleolibertarianism *Panarchist
  • Propertarianism
  • Voluntaryism


  • Walter Block
  • Murray Bookchin
  • Kevin Carson
  • Gary Chartier
  • Frank Chodorov
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Ed Crane
  • Joseph Déjacque
  • Brian Doherty
  • Richard Epstein
  • David D. Friedman
  • Milton Friedman
  • Henry George
  • Nick Gillespie
  • Friedrich Hayek
  • Henry Hazlitt
  • Steven Horwitz
  • Stephan Kinsella
  • Rose Wilder Lane
  • Roderick T. Long
  • Carl Menger
  • Ludwig von Mises
  • Jeffrey Miron
  • Albert Jay Nock
  • Robert Nozick
  • Isabel Paterson
  • Ron Paul
  • Ayn Rand
  • Leonard Read
  • Sheldon Richman
  • Murray Rothbard
  • Stefan Molyneux
  • Joseph Schumpeter
  • Hans Sennholz
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • Leo Tolstoy

(from Wikipedia)