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Welcome to Distributed Proofreaders! The purpose of these FAQs is to provide answers to common questions that newish proofreaders joining us here at DP have asked. Obviously not all questions can be included here. You might also be interested in the DP Overview and FAQ or in the Beginning Proofreaders' FAQs. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, you can look in our other documentation pages[**link], explore the wiki, or email us at DP Help[**link].

Proofing Stuff

Can I remove projects from my My Projects page?

Sorry, you can't. Each project you've worked on will stay on that list while it travels through the rounds. It will disappear after it has been posted to the Gutenberg site, though. In the meantime, you can sort the list. Click one of the links at the top--"Title," "Project Stage," or "Time of Last Activity"--and the page will be sorted by that. Helps get stuff out of the way that's cleared out of whatever round you're working in, at least.

I returned a page to the round, but it came back. Help!

The "Return Page To Round" is the "run away screaming" button; it abandons all your changes and drops it back into the round. Which is why if you return a page to round and click on "Begin Proofreading" it'll serve you that page; it's now the next available page for proofing. If you just want to get past a particularly ugly page, say one that's half Greek or something, that you know you can't handle (yet), the trick is to save it as "in progress", hit the "Stop Proofreading" button, (NOT "Save As Done" or "Save As Done And Do Another") which will dump you back out to the project's main page. You'll see an "In Progress" page below your "Done" pages at the bottom of the screen. If you hit "Start Proofreading" again, you'll get the next available page, which won't be the one that's "In Progress". At the end of your proofing session, just reopen that page from the project main page by clicking on it, and return it to round. With any luck, while you're asleep someone else who LIKES Greek will come along and proof it.

If you forget to return it to round, don't panic. The system automatically returns all "In Progress" pages to the round for you once all the other pages in the project have been proofed.

What does "Unavailable" mean in a project status something like "P2 Unavailable"?

[Some question that highlights the fact that Proofreading Preferences must be set separately for Horizontal and Vertical.]

How do I apply for access to the higher rounds? What are the criteria?




Do the separate pieces of the P3 qual projects count as one project or several?

They are considered multiple projects, so you can proof 15-20 pages in each one. However, for your application to P3 to be processed, you will need pages from at least three different types of projects, so you don't want to do all of your qual pages in the same book.



I've changed my e-mail address in my Preferences, but notices about new Forum postings are still going to my old address; what's with that?

How can I upload an avatar to appear next to my Forum postings?

Other Site Stuff

Why is DP so slow?

Weekly backups, Tuesday mornings in Europe.

What's this "Task Center" thing I hear about once in a while, and how do I find it?

How do I edit the wiki?

What if I have an underscore (_) in my name?