Jakes, John

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Jakes, John

Contemporary Authors Online, Thomson Gale, 2007.

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois; Born March 31, 1932, in Chicago, IL

Contemporary Authors has an entry that claims born March 31, 1932, in Chicago, IL. The isfdb agrees.

Also known as: John Jakes, John William Jakes, Alan Payne, Jay Scotland, William Ard, John William Gates, Rachel Ann Payne, Jay Jay Scotland

  • Devils in the Walls [*Brak] • John Jakes - Fantastic, May 1963 - Renewed RE0000540032
  • The Screams of the Wergs • Jay Scotland - Fantastic, May 1963 - RE0000540032
  • "The Protector" Amazing May 1962. RE0000487117
  • "Political Machine" Amazing March 1961. RE0000443111
  • "Frozen Hell" Planet Stories July 1952. RE0000099809
  • "The Red Telephone" Amazing April 1960. RE0000392976 on B00000827681.
  • "The Running Hounds" If November 1952. RE0000099809 on B00000376702.
  • "The Beast: If May 1952. RE0000099809 on B00000352405.
  • "Shango" IF February 1956. At PG.
  • "The Android Kill" Planet Stories January 1952. PG cleared.
  • "The Most Horrible Story" Imagination January 1952 by John W. Jakes. PG clearance requested.
  • "Skin Game" Imagination October 1952 by John W. Jakes. RE0000099809 on B00000371943.