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Turgut joined Distributed Proofreaders on 18 June 2004 and started proofreading in our "R" round within two days. In his time at DP, he proofread and formatted a massive 22,938 pages. As a Project Manager, Turgut produced a huge number of projects: so far 302 of his projects are now at Project Gutenberg, with many more to come as they move through the rounds and Post-Processing. Also, as a Post-Processor, he posted 217 projects to Project Gutenberg. Turgut's interests were wide-ranging and amply reflected in the wide range of projects he worked on.

Turgut continued working actively at DP well past his 98th birthday, and his energy and dedication were an example to all of us.

Turgut will be deeply missed at Distributed Proofreaders. Not just a fellow volunteer, Turgut was a friend to so many of us.

The official announcement is here.