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Vasa (Michael Lockey) was a proofer, formatter, mentor, and post-processor. He was active in the forums for several years, particularly in the Community section, and helped to develop DP in many ways early in its history.

How We Heard the Sad News

Vasa's death was announced in the DP Forums by a friend on April 10, 2010 (server date) in the Michael Lockey Also known as Vasa thread.

Due to health and family reasons, he was no longer active at DP for the most part after about the middle of 2007. After mid-2008 his friends and family members kept us informed with occasional updates on how he was doing.

Hello, This is Jordan the friend of Michaels.
As stated above, Michael was fighting many health problems and family issues that took up his time. It was about March 2007 that Michael suffered a mild stroke and caused him to slow down and that was just the start of it. If memory serves me correct with in about 6 months time he suffered 1-2 major strokes and quite a few mild ones. Diabeties was the biggest problem Michael had, well other than he eating of chips and donuts and like 5 cups of coffee a day. After a long battle in re-hab he was able to return home for a short period until he got tempted again by the wrong foods which sent him back to the hospital. From that point michael became the stubborn man that I know him so well and wouldnt give up. Almost 2 years of being in a Senoirs home or hospital, yes he was back and forward so often, his last hospital trip is the one that doctors really thought it would be the last one. Last Wednesday April 7th, Michael was transfered to Intensive care unit of the hospital as his heart rate dropped down to 30. His wife was there with Michael most of the day just talking about about family matters as Michael listened, unable to move anything but his eyes or eyelids. His wife asked Michael if he would like to hear/see his Grandson Mark and blinked his eyes meaning to say "yes please". His wife then rushed to Marks school to take Mark to see Michael (btw Mark is 4 years old). Well, the long visit with Mark and other family members helped with Michael, Michaels heart rate went up to an average 42 for the rest of the day and nite.

Vasa's Contributions

Arrived at Distributed Proofreaders on August 4, 2003.

During his time here, he:

  • Posted 1,599 messages in the forums.
  • Proofed 22,935 R* pages.
  • Proofed 1,758 P1 pages.
  • Proofed 1,096 P2 pages.
  • Proofed 10,371 P3 pages.
  • Formatted 4,107 F1 pages.
  • Post-processed 12 books.

(Stats include those from the Senior Gravedigger.)

While we don't have specific stats for it, Vasa was very involved in mentoring at DP and was for some years a moderator in the Mentoring forum. He was a mentor for Zoran, who ended up starting Distributed Proofreaders Europe.

Forums and Community

Team memberships: Team Canada, Midnight Crew, and The Gravedigger. He started the Gravedigger team.

Threads Vasa started:



from forumpost:165913:
Why are we here?  To proofread books?  To 'preserve history, one page at a time'?  I don't think so.  That, important though it is, is our raison d'etre, and doesn't answer the 'why', except, perhaps, for the martyrs among us.  Most of us are here because we take something tangible away with us, we gain a reward, we are paid for our work.  I came, driven frankly by a hideous series of life events that would, I think, have killed me if I hadn't an outlet.  I made a post on depression, just to shout out into the void my pain.  Sometimes the void listens: so many people reechoed my feelings that I realized that the site was serving goals without realizing they even existed.

More Reminiscences

Feel free to add your thoughts here.

Chaikhe wrote:

To all who didn't know Vasa:
Vasa started the depression thread.
Vasa cared about everyone who ever posted, or even just silently read without posting, to this thread.
Vasa set his feet firmly, leaned way over, dug into the mud, and did his damndest to pull me out of it.
He fought for his family, his friends, and let himself go.
He was trying to conserve a species of bird called Vasa.
Despite all the things life threw at him (and it was an awful amount) Vasa believed in taking life on the chin. The world has lost a great hero, but his rest is so completely deserved.