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Emmy (Jodi) Miller (known as Emmy at DP) died on 28 February 2017.

Emmy joined DP in 2004. She took on many roles here -- P3er Proofer, F2 Formatter, Project Manager, Post-Processor, Post-Processor Verifier, and Mentor. As Project Manager, she was responsible for 321 books posted to Project Gutenberg, all of which she post-processed herself, including the lovely A Flower Wedding which was DP's 33,000th Unique Title . On top of that, she post-processed over 700 books for other Project Managers.

She was loved for her friendly and helpful presence here and had many close friends among our volunteers throughout DP.

She will be deeply missed by all of us. The official announcement and thoughts from our volunteers are here.

Here is Elston who was an integral part of her signature -- Elston.gif