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Droopy (Barbara Kosker) was a proofreader, formatter, and post-processor.

How We Heard the Sad News

JHowse posted in the Turn the Tables team thread on December 3, 2012:

Hi Table Turners
I'm sad to report that I got word today that my table buddy Droopy p_cow.gif has passed away. icon_sad.gif
Barbara and I were good friends thanks to DP, tables and PPing. I can't tell you how many hours we spent on the phone talking and laughing  p_phone.gif and I am going to miss her a great deal. icon_cry.gif
Her obit is here: Barbara Kosker Obit

Droopy's Contributions

Arrived at Distributed Proofreaders on June 6, 2004.

During her time here, she:

  • Posted 368 messages in the forums.
  • Proofread 9800 R* pages.
  • Proofread 1273 P1 pages.
  • Proofread 686 P2 pages.
  • Proofread 1831 P3 pages.
  • Formatted 1737 F1 pages.
  • Formatted 4735 F2 pages.
  • Post-processed 138 projects.

Forums and Community

She was an active member of the Turn the Tables team, working on table pages during the rounds and helping others as well through the team thread.

More Reminiscences

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