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Constantia (Celia Linsell) was a proofreader, formatter, and post-processor.

How We Heard the Sad News

Constantia's death was mentioned by ewkent in the DP Forums on Sept. 30, 2011 (server date) in the DP Remembrance Day thread.

I would like to mention that "Constantia" (Celia Linsell, who was living in Scunthorpe, England, UK) died (I learned this from Facebook; she had requested that I join her list of friends there) on December 30, 2010 in England (she had been born on May 4, 1930).

Constantia's Contributions

Arrived at Distributed Proofreaders on May 29, 2007.

During her time here, she:

  • Posted 59 messages in the forums.
  • Proofread 431 P1 pages.
  • Proofread 753 P2 pages.
  • Formatted 1,326 F1 pages.
  • Post-processed 1 book.

Forums and Community

More Reminiscences

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