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Horatio Alger, Jr. (January 13, 1832 – July 18, 1899) was a 19th-century American author who wrote over 130 dime novels. As of September 2006:

  • 62 are in PG
  • 0 are either cleared or in progress
  • 85 (approx.) are extant

For more information about Alger and his works, see:


Much of the information below came from the Horatio Alger, Jr. Society website. Specifically, the following pages:

Note that because a lot of the books Alger wrote had different titles when serialized vs. when published in book form, the PG titles may differ from what is shown here. Attempts have been made to provide alternate titles, and where the PG version is listed with the alternate title, the link is made there instead of on the main title.

Not in PG

  • A New York Boy
    Alt. Titles
    A Diamond in the Rough (serialization title)
    1890 U.S. Book Company
  • A Rolling Stone; or the Adventures of a Wanderer
    Alt. Titles
    Wren Winter's Triumph; or, The Adventures of a Wanderer
    1902 Thompson & Thomas
  • Ben Logan's Triumph; or, The Boys of Boxwood Academy
    1908 Cupples & Leon
  • Fair Harvard (poem)
  • Herbert Seldon, the Poor Lawyer's Son
    Never published in book form (serialization only)
  • Hugo, the Deformed
    1978 Gilbert K. Westgard II
  • John Maynard: A Ballad of Lake Erie (poem)
  • Lester's Luck; or, Won by Courage
    1901 Henry T. Coates & Co.
  • Lost at Sea; or, Robert Roscoe's Strange Cruise
    1904 The Mershon Company
  • Madeline, the Temptress. A Tale of Two Continents
    Never published in book form (serialization only)
  • The Mad Heiress
    Never published in book form (serialization only)
  • Marie Bertrand;" or, The Felon's Daughter
    Never published in book form (serialization only)
  • Mark Stanton; or, Both Sides of the Continent
    Alt. Titles
    Both Sides of the Continent
    1890 U.S. Book Company
  • Ned Newton; or, The Fortunes of a New York Bootblack
    1890 U.S. Book Company
  • The Secret Drawer; or, The Story of the Missing Will
    Never published in book form (serialization only)
  • Silas Snobden's Office Boy
    Alt. Titles
    Mr. Snobden's Office Boy
    The Story of an Office Boy
    1899 J.S. Ogilvie & Company (Bennett)
  • Silas Snobden's Office Boy
    1973 Doubleday & Company (Gardner)
  • St. Nicholas (poem)
  • Striving for Fortune; or, Walter Griffith's Trials and Successes
    Alt. Titles
    Walter Griffith (original serialization title)
    1902 Street & Smith
  • Tom Brace: Who He Was and How He Fared
    Alt. Titles
    Tom Ruff: Who He Was and What He Did (English Reprint Title)
    1901 Street & Smith
  • Tom Tracy; or, The Trials of a New York Newsboy
    1888 Frank A. Munsey
  • Voices of the Past (poem)
  • Victor Vane, The Young Secretary
    1894 Porter & Coates
  • Wait and Win. The Story of Jack Drummond's Pluck
    Alt. Titles
    Work and Win (original serialization title)
    1908 A.L. Burt
  • A Welcome to May (poem)

Cleared / In-Progress


  • Abraham Lincoln: The Backwoods Boy; or, How a Young Rail-Splitter became President
    Alt. Titles
    Abraham Lincoln
    The Backwoods Boy
    The Backwoods Boy: The Story of Abraham Lincoln
    From Rail-Splitter to President
    The Young Railsplitter
    1883 John R. Anderson and Henry S. Allen
  • Adrift in the City; or, Oliver Conrad's Plucky Fight.
    Alt. Titles
    Oliver the Outcast (original serialization title)
    1895 Porter & Coates
  • Andy Gordon
    Alt. Titles
    Forging Ahead
    Andy Gordan (misprinted title?)
    1903 Penn Publishing Co.
  • Ben Bruce. Scenes in the Life of a Bowery Newsboy
    1901 A.L. Burt
  • Ben's Nugget; or, A Boy's Search for Fortune.
    Alt. Titles
    Ben Stanton, the Explorer (English reprint title - combined with "The Young Explorer")
    1882 Porter & Coates
  • Bernard Brooks' Adventures; The Story of a Brave Boy's Trials.
    Alt. Titles
    A Bad Lot (serialization title)
    The Trials of Bernard Brooks (serialization reprint)
    1903 A.L. Burt
  • Bob Burton; or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri
    Alt. Title The Young Ranchman of Missouri (English reprint title)
    1888 Porter & Coates
  • Bound to Rise; or, Harry Walton's Motto
    Alt. Titles
    Live and Learn
    Bound to Rise; or, Live and Learn (English reprint title - combined with "Risen from the Ranks")
    1873 Loring
  • A Boy's Fortune; or, The Strange Adventures of Ben Baker
    1898 Henry T. Coates & Co.
  • Charlie Codman's Cruise. A Story for Boys
    Alt. Titles
    Bill Sturdy; or, The Cruise of Kidnapped Charlie (English reprint title)
    Manson the Miser (original serialization title)
    1866 Loring
  • Chester Rand; or, A New Path to Fortune
    1903 Henry T. Coates & Co.
  • Dan, the Detective
    Alt. Titles
    Dan, the Newsboy
    Dutiful Dan, the Brave Boy Detective
    1884 G.W. Carleton/Street & Smith
  • Dean Dunham; or, The Waterford Mystery
    Alt. Titles
    Wait till the Coulds Roll By; or, The Waterford Mystery (English Reprint Title)
    1891 U.S. Book Company
  • A Debt of Honor. The Story of Gerald Lane's Success in the Far West
    1900 A.L. Burt
  • Do and Dare; or A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune
    1884 Porter & Coates
  • The Erie Train Boy
    Alt. Titles
    Straight Ahead; or, Life on the Iron Road (English reprint title)
    1890 U.S. Book Company
  • Facing the World; or, The Haps and Mishaps of Harry Vane
    Alt. Titles
    Val Vane's Victory!; or, Well Won! (English reprint title - combined with "In a New World")
    1893 Porter & Coates
  • Frank Fowler, The Cash Boy
    Alt. Titles
    The Cash Boy (original serialization title)
    1887 A.L. Burt
  • Frank Hunter's Peril
    Alt. Titles
    Mr. Craven's Stepson (original serialization title)
    1896 Henry T. Coates & Co.
  • From Farm Boy to Senator: Being the History of the Boyhood and Manhood of Daniel Webster
    Alt. Titles
    Boy's Life of Daniel Webster
    1882 J.S. Ogilvie & Co.
  • Hector's Inheritance; or, The Boys of Smith Institute
    Alt. Titles
    Never Despair! (English reprint title)
    1885 Porter & Coates
  • Helen Ford
    Alt. Titles
    Child of Fortune (serialization title)
    The Discarded Son (serialization title)
    1866 Loring
  • In a New World; or, Among the Gold-Fields of Australia
    Alt. Titles
    Harry Vane
    The Nugget Finders (English reprint title)
    Val Vane's Victory!; or, Well Won! (English reprint title - combined with "Facing the World")
    1893 Porter & Coates
  • In Search of Treasure. The Story of Guy's Eventful Voyage
    Alt. Titles
    The Island Treasure (original serialization title)
    1907 A.L. Burt
  • Joe's Luck; or, A Boy's Adventures in California
    Alt. Subtitle "Always Wide Awake"
    1887 A.L. Burt
  • Life of Edwin Forrest
    Pseud.' William Rounseville Alger
    1877 J.B. Lippincott & Co.
  • Luke Walton; or, The Chicago Newsboy
    Alt. Titles
    Towards Success through Perseverence (Translation of Czech reprint title)
    1889 Porter & Coates
  • Making His Mark
    Alt. Titles
    Gerald's Mission (serialization title)
    1901 Penn Publishing Co.
  • Mark Manning's Mission; or, The Story of a Shoe Factory Boy
    Alt. Titles
    The Hermit's Heir (serialization title)
    1905 A.L. Burt
  • Mark Mason's Victory; or, The Trials and Triumphs of a Telegraph Boy
    Alt. Titles
    A.D.T. 79; or, The Trials and Triumphs of Mark Mason (serialization only)
    Mark Mason
    Mark Mason's Trials and Triumphs
    Mark Mason's Triumph
    Trials and Triumphs of a New York Telegraph Boy
    Trials and Triumphs of Mark Mason
    1899 A.L. Burt
  • Nothing to Eat
    Anonymous "NOT by the Author of 'Nothing to Wear'"
    New York: 1857
  • Number 91; or, The Adventures of a New York Telegraph Boy
    Pseud. Arthur Lee Putnam
    Alt. Titles
    Adventures of a New York Telegraph Boy
    Adventures of a Telegraph Boy
    1887 Frank A. Munsey
  • The Odds Against Him; or, Carl Crawford's Experience
    Alt. Titles
    A Story of a Factory Boy
    Driven from Home (original serialization title)
    The Factory Boy Story
    1890 Penn Publishing Co.
  • Only an Irish Boy; or, Andy Burke's Fortunes and Misfortunes
    Alt. Titles
    Andy Burke's Fortune
    1894 Porter & Coates
  • Paul Prescott's Charge; A Story For Boys
    Alt. Titles
    The Gipsy Nurse (original serialization title)
    Paul Prescott the Runaway (English reprint title)
    1865 Loring
  • Paul the Peddler; or, The Adventures of a Young Street Merchant
    Alt. Titles
    Plucky Paul (English reprint title)
    Successful Paul (serialization reprint title)
    1871 Loring
  • Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York With the Bootblacks
    1868 Loring
  • Ralph Raymond's Heir; or, The Merchant's Crime
    Pseud. Arthur Hamilton
    Alt. Titles
    The Merchant's Crime
    1869 Frederick Gleason (Bennett)
    1892 F.W. Lupton (Gardner)
  • Risen from the Ranks; or, Harry Walton's Success
    Alt. Titles
    Up the Ladder; or, Harry Walton's Success (original serialization title)
    Bound to Rise; or, Live and Learn (English reprint title - combined with "Bound to Rise")
    1874 Loring
  • Robert Coverdale's Struggle; or, On the Wave of Success
    Alt. Titles
    Robert Coverdale; or, The Young Fisherman of Cook's Harbor (original serialization title)
    1910 Street & Smith
  • Rough and Ready; or, Life Among the New York Newsboys
    Alt. Titles
    Rough and Ready; His Fortunes and Adventures (English reprint title - combined with "Rufus and Rose")
    1869 Loring
  • Rufus and Rose; or, The Fortunes of Rough and Ready
    Alt. Titles
    Rough and Ready; His Fortunes and Adventures (English reprint title - combined with "Rough and Ready")
    1870 Loring
  • Shifting for Himself; or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortune's
    Alt. Titles
    Facing the World; or, Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes (original serialization title)
    How His Ship Came Home (English reprint title)
    1876 Loring
  • Sink or Swim; or, Harry Raymond's Resolve
    Alt. Titles
    Paddle Your Own Canoe; or, Harry Raymond's Resolve (English reprint title)
    1870 Loring
  • Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe
    Alt. Titles
    Paddle Your Own Canoe; or, The Fortunes of Walter Conrad (original serialization title)
    1871 Loring
  • Struggling Upward; or, Luke Larkin's Luck
    Alt. Titles
    Way to Success
    Secret Small Box (translation of Japanese reprint title)
    1890 Porter & Coates
  • The Store Boy; or, The Fortunes of Ben Barclay
    Alt. Titles
    Ben Barclay's Courage
    The Fortunes of Ben Barclay
    1887 Porter & Coates
  • The Tin Box
    Alt. Titles
    Finding a Fortune
    1904 Penn Publishing Co.
  • The Train Boy
    Alt. Titles
    Plucky Paul Palmer (serialization title)
    1883 G.W. Carleton & Co/Street & Smith
  • The Young Adventurer; or, Tom's Trip Across the Plains
    Alt. Titles
    The Young Adventurer, or Tom Nelson in California (English reprint title - combined with "The Young Miner")
    1878 Loring
  • The Young Explorer; or, Among the Sierras
    Alt. Titles
    Ben Stanton, the Explorer (English reprint title - combined with "Ben's Nugget")
    1880 Loring
  • The Young Miner; or, Tom Nelson in California
    Alt. Titles
    The Young Adventurer, or Tom Nelson in California (English reprint title - combined with "The Young Adventurer")
    1879 Loring
  • Timothy Crump's Ward; or, The New Years Loan, And What Became of It.
    Alt. Titles
    The Cooper's Ward; or, The Waif of the New Year (original serialization title)
    A Story of American Life
    1866 Loring
  • Tom Temple's Career
    Alt. Titles
    Bully of the Village; or, Tom Temple's Career (serialization)
    1888 A.L. Burt
  • Tom Thatcher's Fortune
    Alt. Titles
    Tom Thather's Quest: or, Following a Clew (original serialization title)
    1888 A.L. Burt
  • Tony the Hero
    Alt. Titles
    Tony the Tramp (original serialization title)
    1880 J.S. Ogilvie & Co.
  • Try and Trust; or, The Story of a Bound Boy
    Alt. Titles
    Abner Holden's Bound Boy (original serialization title)
    Trials and Adventures of Herbert Mason; or, Try and Trust (English reprint title)
    1873 Loring

  • The Western Boy; or, The Road to Success
    Alt. Titles
    Tom the Bootblack
    Skopusseren Tom (Norweigian reprint title)
    1878 G.W. Carleton/Street & Smith
  • The Young Circus Rider; or, The Mystery of Robert Rudd
    Alt. Titles
    The Star of the Circus; or, The Mystery of Robert Rudd (original serialization title)
    1883 Porter & Coates
  • $500; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret
    Alt. Titles
    Five Hundred Dollars
    Uncle Jacob's Secret; or, The Boy Who Cleared His Father's Name (English reprint title)
    The Five Hundred Dollar Check
    Jacob Marlowe's Secret
    1890 U.S. Book Company