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This Page is similar to the Projects needing OCR article. Post-processors who are unable or unwilling to do an HTML version can list their projects here.

Instructions for use here: The PPing HTML Pool

If you just need help or advice on producing an HTML version, PM an HTML mentor or post in the Post-Processing forum.

Sample entry:

====Dp UserName====
Send a [[pm:Your PM ID # here|Private Message]]
:Uploaded to HTMLPool:
:<projectinfo id="projectID#">%link%</projectinfo>
:Claimed by: HTMLer's DP-username

Copy the wiki code above before editing your entry and substitute the appropriate information.

How to find your PM ID #
The "projectID#" field should be the complete label, e.g., projectID12345.

(Note: The above wiki code is just a suggestion for creating convenient links to the material. If you don't want to mess with it, put at least your DP username and project name in your request entry. A WikiGnome will probably come by later and jazz it up for you. 8-] )

HTML requests