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This page is to track what Government Printing Office (GPO) document is being worked on and by whom. If you wish to CP a GPO document, feel free to visit your local library, pick one up and use this thread as the uberproject article in that project. Then please update the list below to include what project you are working on, be sure to put your username next to it.


Title: Boiler and Furnace Testing
Commision: United Stated Fuel Administration Bureau of Conservation
Bulletin No: 1
Date: 1918
CP: shabam
Commision: Highway Transport Committee Council of National Defense
Bulletin No: 1-5
Date: 1918
CP: shabam
Title: Price bulletins issued by the War Industries Board (All 57)
Commision: War Industries Board
Bulletin No: 1-57
Date: 1919
CP: shabam
Title: Men's Sewed Straw Hats
Commision: United Stated Tariff Commission
Date: 1926
CP: shabam
Title: Congressional Records
Commision: Congress
Date: 1914 - 1918
CP: shabam
Notes: Supplied by dvdeug.  Not a complete set, but there are many.