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Fink is a way of getting *nix programs to run on Mac OS X. You first install Fink itself, and then ask it to install the packages you want. For some packages (for example, Aspell) installing via Fink is much easier than doing it yourself, particularly if you use the GUI "Fink Commander" application rather than the command-line.

It is just as easy to tell Fink to uninstall packages you have installed in this way. Even more, a nice feature of Fink is that it installs all of its stuff in the /sw directory and doesn't touch the rest of your system, so that if you horribly break something (or just decide you don't want Fink and its packages any more) all you have to do is trash that directory.

Packages available from Fink that may be useful in DP work include Aspell (but with a more limited selection of dictionaries), Tidy, teTeX and many more LaTeX related things, Emacs, wget, linkchecker, zip,....