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This page contains draft instructions for proofing

Fierabras (1497) {P3 skipped} {F1 skipped} {F2 skipped} (in state Completed and Posted to Project Gutenberg)


Project rules

Hyphenated and broken words

When a word is cut at the end of line with a kind of double slanted hyphen, rejoin both halves of the word with a =. If the word is cut with no hyphen in the image, rejoin the word and add a -.


As a general rule expand abbreviations by adding between brackets the missing letters. Expand macrons over vowels as [n] or [m] after the vowel.

More special abbreviation symbols are given here:

Image Meaning
Assemble per.png p[er], p[ar]
Tresor pre.png mostly p[re]
Assemble pro.png p[ro]
Assemble que.png q[ue]
Tresor qui.png q[ui]
Tresor con.png [con], [com] (at the beginning of words)
Assemble ur.png [ur]
Fierabras us.png [us] (at end of words)

If you find an abbreviation symbol not in this list, and you don't know how to expand the omitted letters, just leave [*]. (you can also check the more comprehensive list of abbreviation symbols in the Proofing blackletter page). In any case tell in the project forum, so that the wiki can be updated, or update it yourself.

Roman numerals

The printer used a final n/m to represent ii/iii in roman numerals. Just use ii/iii.


Beginning of page 2:

SAint pol docteur de verite nous dit q[ue] toutes
choses reduites par escript so[n]t a nostre doctri-ne
escriptes. Et boece fait mencion q[ue] diuerse=ment
le salut dung chascun procede. Puis q[ue]
ainsi est q[ue] la foy crestie[n]ne est assez par les do=cteurs
de sainte eglise corroboree neautmoins[**neantmoins?]
les choses passees diuersement a memoire re=duites
nous enge[n]drent correction de vie illici-te.
car les ouurages des ancie[n]s sont pour no[us]
rendre a viure en operacion digne de salut en
ensuyua[n]t les bons & en euita[n]t les mauuais/ & aussi en racontant hystoires


Initial or final letters

Some letters do not have the same shape when at the beginning or end of words:

  • Tresor d.png only appears in initial position (else it's Tresor d2.png);
  • note also final variants for m and n (Assemble m2.png and Assemble n2.png);
  • and of course the round s is always at end of words (but sometimes there can be a long s in final position).

This can help separating words when everything seems tobeprintedgluedtogether.

Apostrophes and elided short words

In this book there are no apostrophes and no accents. Elided pronouns are just glued to the next word with no apostrophe. When you don't recognize a word, it can be because the first letter is actually an elided short word.


car ie nay eu inte[n]cion de deduire la matiere q[ue] ie nen
aie este informe p[re]miereme[n]t/ ta[n]t p[ar] vng liure aute[n]tiq[ue] q[ui] se dit mirouer histori-al.
co[m]me p[ar] les croniq[ue]s & aucu[n]s aultres liures q[ui] font me[n]tion de loeuure suy-uant.

would be shown like this in modern critical editions:

car je n'ay eu intencion de deduire la matiere que je n'en
aie esté informé premierement, tant par ung livre autentique qui se dit mirouer historial,
comme par les croniques et aucuns aultres livres qui font mention de l'oeuvre suyvant.

Typical elided words are:

c' (ce) d' (de) i' (je) l' (le, la) m' (me, ma, etc. as in m'amour) n' (ne) qu' (que) r' (re) s' (se) t' (te)

and perhaps less frequently:

g' (je)

se can stand also for modern si: s'elle veult (si elle veut)

Note that the abbreviations for q[ue] and q[ui] can also be used for elided qu': q[ui]l (qu'il).

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