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This information is presented on the assumption that we're all bidding to buy for DP.

Keep in mind

  • sellers come and go, and this list may be too ephemeral to be useful
  • many eBay sellers change specialty, selling books only until they run out
  • other DP folks may be bidding, or sniping! Check EBay usernames of DPers the bid-lists, if you want to coordinate.
  • There's nothing wrong with coordinating bids when you're trying to keep the purchase price low. It's coordinating bids to keep the price high that's disallowed
  • The quality of a book we would be interested in scanning is often so low that many sellers will not even offer them for sale. Ask the seller if they have "badly damaged" books as well. As long as they're complete, they're shiny.
  • Be careful to ask whether all pages are present
  • If you compare prices in the sale against prices at ABEbooks.com, for instance, keep in mind the prices there are for books the haven't sold, not the ones that have.
  • If you really want to bid just to own the books yourself, don't share! :)

Recent sellers of interest

  • aephelps
    • I've bought some from them, and wish I could get more! We're filling up, though. Lots of real rarities on offer. Many Uberproject-scale large runs of periodicals. Vaguery
  • dewolfe-and-wood-books
    • High-quality pieces. Very professional. Vaguery
    • Excellent service, good quality, (usually) reasonable prices. I buy from them a lot. JulietS Yeah, I know. :) Vaguery
  • floridacollegelibrary
    • What it sounds like. Deaccessioned works, many bound periodicals. Some are in our time-range. Vaguery
    • last sale in Feb. 2008 as of Sept.2010 Akinom 12:11, 18 September 2010 (PDT)
  • howardki
    • Small quantity, but good stuff for DP. Vaguery
  • njbookman
    • Mostly fixed-price sales lately. Fair: not the cheapest, but many works otherwise hard to find. Better than ABEbooks.com, in many cases. Vaguery
  • schnobbly
    • Several nice items, over the last few months. Vaguery


  • Buying books for DP from cornersbumped
    • Because that's me! Nothing we sell is scannable! If it is, you can be sure we've already scanned it and run the project. Vaguery
  • Or on any books sold by shabamtoys. Unless you just want them for yourself. (feel free to buy anything else though)
    • shabamtoys is known as shabam on DP.
  • susanskinner10 (unless you're after something for yourself)
    • Because everything I'm selling is either unclearable or is already posted to PG. If you think you're interested in owning the physical copy of anything that I'm currently putting through DP, please send me a PM. Depending on the text, you might even be able to have it for the cost of the postage! (I mainly sell stuff to make space rather than money ;-)) susanskinner.