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Watch out for:

  • e/o/c mixed up
  • rn, ra for m
  • i for l or t
  • y for v

(Almost) Always Wrong:

Whole words:

  • co for eo.
  • nee for nec.
  • a[eo] for ac.
  • enira for enim.
  • s[co]d for sed.
  • (ill|ist|h)i[eo] for illic/istic/hic.
  • a[il]l(u[smd]|a|i|is) for alius and related forms. (If text includes Greek, watch out for correct word "alla".)
    • Your mileage may vary. In my text editor, a[il]l(u[smd]|a|i|is) means: a, (i or l), l, (us/um/ud or a or i or is), end of word.


  • quau- for quan-
  • onm- for omn-


  • -rn for -m.
  • -quc for -quo or -que.
  • -nm for -um.
  • -[aeiu]ut for -[aeiu]nt (but watch out for whole word "aut").


  • -qn- for -qu-
  • -oo- for -oc-, -co-, -eo- etc.
  • -ee- (same, but watch out for legitimate -eë- compounds written without dieresis).
  • -fl- before non-vowel for -fi-
  • [aeiou]y for -v-

Possibly Wrong:

Word endings:

  • -ara for -am.
  • -era for -em.
  • -ura for -um.
  • -u[rn]i for -um.
  • -quo for -que, -que for -quo.
  • -irae for -ime.
  • -eni for -em.
  • -ins for -ius.


  • -[oe]i- for -ci-. (Common in Greek, and may occur in Latin.)
  • -aiu- for -am- or -atu-.
  • -y[aeiou] (usually for -v-).

Latin's answer to "he" : "be"

  • "his" : "bis"

The long-s killer:

  • "fit" : "sit"
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