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DP Official Documentation - General

In situations in which training or promotional material is created by volunteers without involvement and/or specific approval of DP management, the following wording should be displayed:

This [video/graphic/text/insert appropriate media description] is not an official production of the Distributed Proofreaders Foundation, Inc., or the management of pgdp.net and has been endorsed by neither.

The DP logo may be used in this situation provided that the way it is used does not imply that the work is an official product of Distributed Proofreaders.

If training or promotional material is created by volunteers and is approved for publication by DP management, that material may be identified by use of the Distributed Proofreaders logo and may include the statement that it was produced/approved by Distributed Proofreaders. In cases in which such approval is given, DP management must have the capability where necessary of updating the material.

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