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DP Official Documentation - General

If you need certification of volunteer work

Disclaimer: We are unable to certify court-ordered community service.

For other types of community service, the following requirements will help ensure that you're providing a service for your community service credit that benefits the Distributed Proofreaders community.

If you're new to Distributed Proofreaders

To obtain formal confirmation of volunteer work performed at Distributed Proofreaders, volunteers must:

  • Contact dphelp as soon as they know they will need confirmation of volunteer work, and provide official contact information for the organization to which the confirmation is to be sent. It is essential that both the volunteer and the organization understand at the start that Distributed Proofreaders does not provide information or estimates regarding time spent volunteering, and that both parties confirm acceptance of these limitations.
  • Be a registered volunteer with Distributed Proofreaders for a minimum of 21 days before any confirmation will be sent.
  • Understand that no more than 50 pages per day may be counted.
  • Complete the Basic Proofreading Quizzes before beginning proofreading.

If you do not need "formal" confirmation, please follow the instructions below under Informal Documentation.

Long-term Volunteers

If you are a longer-term Distributed Proofreaders volunteer and require confirmation of volunteer work, please contact dphelp and describe the situation and the information you need.

Limitations of the Confirmation of Work Performed Document

Distributed Proofreaders was founded in 2000 and consists entirely of volunteers. The website provides a web-based method to ease the conversion of public domain books into e-books. During proofreading, volunteers are presented with a scanned page image and the corresponding OCR text on a single web page. This allows the text to be compared to the image, proofread, and sent back to the site. Once the pages are proofread, formatted, joined together, and checked, the completed e-books are uploaded to Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org) to be distributed freely.

  • Because we have no way of telling how long someone actually spends proofreading pages, we do not verify or estimate time spent doing work at Distributed Proofreaders. Some pages are very simple (for example, blank pages: pages with no text or illustrations on them); some are very difficult (for example, a full-page multi-column table with a lot of numbers). One type of page might take 2 seconds, and the other 2 hours. This prevents us from doing any kind of estimation or verification of the time you spend. You must track it yourself, and if the organization that requires the certification needs to know the number of hours, you will need to provide the information to them and provide a verification method that is satisfactory to them.
  • Distributed Proofreaders cannot confirm who did the pages, only that they were done by someone logged into the account for which you have requested confirmation.
  • Please allow at least 5 days for information to be gathered and the report to be prepared.
  • The report will be emailed to both the DP user and the official contact for the organization for which the confirmation is required.

Note: Some organizations use an online certification form. We can provide certification that way, rather than by emailing a form, However:

  • The online request should include your Distributed Proofreaders username, the email you registered with us, and the real name you specified on your registration.
  • We cannot provide certification if the form requires us to confirm the number of hours, or if it requires that we sign as a "supervisor".

Informal Documentation

If you simply wish to generate a report of the pages you have proofread or formatted over a specific period, you can use the Pages Proofread/Formatted Per Day script.

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