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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

Document Storage

(Adopted at the DPF Board meeting on July 8, 2017)

From time to time a Trustee (especially the Treasurer) may receive or generate a document that should be saved for reference. When that occurs the Trustee should make a copy of the document in a digital format (e.g., PDF or image file) and send it to the General Manager. The GM will arrange for the document to be uploaded to the DP Foundation storage area on the production server, in a timely manner.

Once the document is uploaded the Trustee can provide a pointer to the document to other Board members who might need it via the Board forum or email. Or if the document should be available to the DP community or to the public, the Trustee can provide the pointer on the appropriate page in the DP Foundation portion of the DP wiki.

To comment or request edits to this page, please contact the DPF Secretary (LCantoni) or another DPF Board member, or make your suggestions on this page: DPFoundation talk:Distributed Proofreaders Foundation.