Memorandum of Understanding for DPF Trustees

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Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF)

Distributed Proofreaders Foundation (DPF) Trustees play an important role in fostering the long-term viability and health of DP.

As part of their duties, DPF Trustees must make the following commitments:

  • to take care when communicating with DP members, the general public, or others, to not misrepresent their own views as the views of DPF or other Trustees.
  • not to disclose discussions or confidential information obtained during meetings or via Trustee communication to other parties outside of formal channels. The formal channel for disclosure of meeting discussions occurs via minutes, and official communications generally is via the Chair or designee. Any confidential information learned as a result of participation on the DPF Board must be kept confidential in perpetuity and not shared outside of formal Board channels with non-Board members, even after a Trustee leaves the Board.
  • to participate in regular teleconferences which are currently held monthly at noon US Eastern time on the second Saturday of each month. Absences should be rare, and communicated to other Trustees. Trustees who are unable to maintain regular participation should consider resigning the position.
  • to participate in Board discussions between monthly board meetings in order to facilitate wordsmithing and make for more productive and efficient teleconferences.
  • to devote at least a few hours per month to meetings, communication and other duties related to the Board.
  • to commit seriously to working conscientiously and in a timely manner on DPF-related committees, tasks and reports.
  • to provide their real names and real street addresses as required for government filings.

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