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About This Project

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who wishes to transcribe music for this project and has access to musical transcription software which can export files in .midi format are most welcome to participate.

For more information about transcription and possible notation software, visit the DP Guidelines for Music Transcribers.


If you wish your name to be included in the credits, please include here your name as you wish it to appear in the Project Credits once it is posted to PG.

  • Music transcribed by Linda Cantoni, T. Cosmas, Katie Hernandez, Jude Eylander, (your name here) and the Distributed Proofreader's Music Team.

Thanks for helping out!

Musical Transcription

Please add your name next to excerpts that you are working on. When you save/export your file as .mid, please name your file with the same name as the image. (For example, if you complete image001.png, you would name your file image001.mid.) When complete, strike through the entire list entry.

If the excerpt has an asterisk next to it, it does not appear in traditional notation. I am not 100% certain yet if I will be including .midi files of these excerpts, but would like the option. If they can be transcribed, they will be posted. (Challenge? :))

  1. Example: Example - claimed by hornist done
  2. image026.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  3. image027a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  4. image029.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  5. image030b.png - attempted by Cosmas done
  6. image032.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  7. image049.png - claimed by LCantoni done
  8. image050a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  9. image050b.png *
  10. image050c.png *
  11. image050d.png *
  12. image051a.png *
  13. image051b.png *
  14. image052.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  15. image054.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  16. image056a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  17. image056b.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  18. image056c.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  19. image056d.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  20. image058.jpg - claimed by Cosmas done
  21. image063.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  22. image064.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  23. image065.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  24. image066.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  25. image067a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  26. image067b.png *
  27. image068.png * (Unsure yet if this one is even possible)
  28. image070a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  29. image070b.png - claimed by Cosmas (same as 070a) done
  30. image071a.png * (Will definitely include) - claimed by LCantoni done
  31. image071b.png - claimed by LCantoni done
  32. image073a.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  33. image073b.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  34. image073c.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  35. image079.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  36. image084a.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  37. image091a.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  38. image091b.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  39. image094a.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  40. image094b.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  41. image095.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  42. image096.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  43. image101.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  44. image102.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  45. image104.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  46. image109.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  47. image111.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  48. image118.png - claimed by LCantoni done
  49. image119.png - claimed by LCantoni done
  50. image126.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  51. image127.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  52. image135.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  53. image137.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  54. image176.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  55. image179.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  56. image181.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  57. image182.png - claimed by Corsetiere done
  58. image185.png - claimed by judeeylander done
  59. image190.png - claimed by LCantoni done
  60. image197.png - claimed by Cosmas done
  61. image252a.png (first 5 measures only--up to double bar line) - claimed by LCantoni done
  62. image252b.png (last 4 measures only--after double bar line) - claimed by LCantoni done
  63. image253.png - claimed by LCantoni done

How do I name my files?

When you save/export your file as .mid, please name your file with the same name as the image. (For example, if you complete image001.png, you would name your file image001.mid.)

I have completed an excerpt. Now what?

Most importantly, THANK YOU!

I'm yet to formalize anything as for submitting completed files. If I can devise another submission method, I will. :) But, in the meantime, you can:

  • PM hornist with a link to the file uploaded to your Dropbox.
  • PM hornist for her email address to email her the completed files.

Once all excerpts are complete and submitted, they will be uploaded as an additional project file.