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In Project Comments, a Command Word is anything that affects queue operation. The command word has to be the very first thing in the Project Comments; if you have more than one, only the first one is recognized.

Because of the "first thing" rule, you cannot <!-- remark-out --> the Command Word or apply any kind of <b>formatting</b> to it. If your Project Comments are organized as a table or list, the Command Word has to come before the beginning of this structure.

There is currently only one Command Word: (nopmq). Details are subject to change. If in doubt, ask.

(nopmq) excludes the project from your one-per-round PM queue. It does not prevent your PM queue from releasing other projects, and it has no effect on any other queues.

(HOLD) was discontinued as a Command Word when the feature to allow PMs to place holds on a per-round basis was added (see Feature to allow PM to place Holds on a per-round basis).

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