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  • c. 1760. Mother Goose's Melody. [Published by John Newbery, London.] No copy of this issue known to be in existence.
  • c. 1783. Ritson, Joseph, Gammer Gurton's Garland, or the Nursery Parnassus. [1810, enlarged.]
  • c. 1785. Mother Goose's Melody. [Reprint of Newbery, by Isaiah Thomas, Worcester, Mass.]
  • [1889. Whitmore, W. H., The Original Mother Goose's Melody, as first issued by John Newbery, of London, about A.D. 1760. Reproduced in facsimile from the edition as reprinted by Isaiah Thomas, of Worcester, Mass., about A.D. 1785. With introduction and notes.]
  • 1824 ff. Mother Goose's Quarto, or Melodies Complete. [Various issues by Munroe and Francis, Boston.]
  • [Hale, Edward Everett, The Only True Mother Goose Melodies. Exact reproduction of the text and illustrations of the original edition (Mother Goose's Melodies: The Only Pure Edition) printed in Boston in 1834 by Monroe and Francis. With an introduction.] BOTH
  • 1826. Chambers, Robert, Popular Rhymes of Scotland. [1870, enlarged.]
  • 1834. Ker, John Bellenden, An Essay on the Archaeology of Popular English Phrases and Nursery Rhymes. [Supplemented 1840 and 1842.]
  • 1842. Halliwell (Phillips), J. O., The Nursery Rhymes of England.
  • 1849. Halliwell (Phillips), J. O., Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales.
  • 1864. Rimbault, Edward F., Old Nursery Rhymes with Tunes.




  • Bolton, H. C., Counting-out Rhymes of Children, Their Antiquity, Origin, and Wide Distribution.
  • Earle, Alice Morse, Child Life in Colonial Days. [Especially chap. xiv.]
  • Eckenstein, Lina, Comparative Studies in Nursery Rhymes.
  • Godfrey, Elizabeth, English Children in the Olden Time. [Especially chap. ii.]
  • Gomme, A. B., The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 2 vols.
  • Green, P. B., The History of Nursery Rhymes.
  • Halsey, Rosalie V., Forgotten Books of the American Nursery.
  • Field, W. T., Fingerposts to Children's Reading, pp. 193 ff.
  • Moses, M. J., Children's Books and Reading, pp. 40 ff.

Fairy Tales -- Traditional




  • Campbell, J. F., Popular Tales of the West Highlands. 4 vols. In Progress.
  • Halliwell, J. O., Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales.
  • Hartland, E. S., English Fairy and Folk Tales.


  • Grimm, J. and W., Kinder und Hausmärchen (Household Tales).
  • Translated by Edgar Taylor as Grimm's Popular Stories (55 stories, 1823-1827), and illustrated by George Cruikshank. Best reprint is in one volume with introduction by John Ruskin.
  • Translated complete by Margaret Hunt (2 vols., 1884), introduction by Andrew Lang.
  • Other excellent translations of selected stories by Mrs. Lucas and by Lucy Crane.





  • Asbjörnsen, P. C., and Moe, J., Norske Folke-eventyr (Norwegian Folk Tales, 1842-1844, with subsequent additions).
  • Translated by Sir George Webbe Dasent in Popular Tales from the Norse and Tales of the Fjeld; by H. L. Braekstad in Round the Yule Log and Fairy Tales from the North.



  • Cox, Roalfe, Cinderella. (Introduction by Lang.)
  • Clouston, W. A., Popular Tales and Fictions. 2 vols.
  • Gomme, G. L., Folklore as an Historical Science.
  • Hartland, E. S., The Science of Fairy Tales. In Progress.
  • Keightly, Thomas, Fairy Mythology.
  • Lang, Andrew, Perrault's Popular Tales. (Introduction.) In Progress.
  • MacCulloch, J. A., The Childhood of Fiction.


  • Adler, Felix, The Moral Instruction of Children, pp. 63-79. In Progress.
  • Kready, Laura F., The Study of Fairy Tales. (Indispensable.)
  • MacClintock, P. L., Literature in the Elementary School, pp. 92-112.
  • McMurry, Charles, Special Method in Reading, pp. 47-69.

Fairy Stories -- Modern Fantastic Tales

Fables and Symbolic Stories


  • Jacobs, Joseph, History of the Aesopic Fable.

The only elaborate and scholarly study in English. Vol. I of a reprint of Caxton's Aesop. [Bibliothèque de Carabas Series.] Published in 1889 in a limited edition and not easily accessible.

Eighty-two selected fables. The Introduction is a summary of all the essential conclusions reached in the study above.

The best general collection from all fields, including both the folk fable and the modern literary fable.

  • Babbitt, Ellen C., Jataka Tales Retold.
  • Dutton, Maude Barrows, The Tortoise and the Geese, and Other Fables of Bidpai.
  • Ramaswami Raju, P. V., Indian Folk Stories and Fables.

These three books are excellent for simplified versions of the eastern group. Those desiring to get closer to the sources may refer to Cowell [ed.], The Jataka, or Stories of the Buddha's Former Births; Rhys-Davids, Buddhist Birth Stories; Keith-Falconer, Bidpai's Fables.


It is possible to piece out a very satisfactory account of the nature and history of the traditional fable by looking up in any good encyclopedia the brief articles under the following heads: Folklore, Fable, Parable, Apologue, Æsop, Demetrius of Phalerum, Babrias, Phaedrus, Avian, Romulus, Maximus Planudes, Jataka, Bidpai, Panchatantra, Hitopadesa.

For a popular account of the whole philosophy of the apologue consult Newbigging, Fables and Fabulists: Ancient and Modern.

For distinctions between various kinds of symbolic tales see Canby, The Short Story in English (pp. 23 ff.) (In Progress); Trench, Notes on the Parables (Introduction); Smith, "The Fable and Kindred Forms," Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. XIV, p. 519.

For origins and parallels read Müller, "On the Migration of Fables," Selected Essays, Vol. I (reprinted in large part in Warner, Library of the World's Best Literature, Vol. XVIII); Clouston, Popular Tales and Fictions, Vol. I, p. 266, and Vol. II, p. 432. The more general treatises on folklore all touch on these problems.

For suggestions on the use of fables with children see MacClintock,Literature in the Elementary School (chap. xi); Adler, Moral Instruction of Children (chaps. vii and viii); McMurry, Special Method in Reading in the Grades (p. 70).

For a clear and helpful account of the French writers of fables, the most important modern group, read Collins, La Fontaine and Other French Fabulists. Representative examples are given in most excellent translation. The best complete translation of La Fontaine is by Elizur Wright; of Krylov, in verse by I. H. Harrison, in prose by W. R. S. Ralston; of Yriarte, by R. Rockliffe. Gay's complete collection may be found in any edition of his poems.

Satisfactory collections of proverbial sayings useful in finding expressions for the wisdom found in fables are Christy, Proverbs, Maxims, and Phrases of All Ages; Hazlitt, English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases; Trench, Proverbs and Their Lessons.

A book of great suggestive value covering the whole field of the prose story is Fansler, Types of Prose Narratives. It contains elaborate classifications, discussions and examples of each type, and an extended bibliography. Pp. 83-127 deal with fables, parables, and allegories.





  • Anderson, R. B., Norse Mythology, or The Religion of Our Forefathers.
  • Baker, Emilie Kip, Stories of Northern Myths. In Progress
  • Boult, Katherine F., Heroes of the Northland.
  • Brown, Abbie Farwell, In the Days of the Giants. In Progress
  • Column, Padraic, The Children of Odin.
  • Guerber, H. A., Myths of Northern Lands, currently Proofreading Round 3: Waiting for Release
  • Keary, Anna and Eliza, The Heroes of Asgard.
  • Mabie, Hamilton Wright, Norse Stories.
  • Wilmot-Buxton, E. M., Stories of Norse Heroes.



  • Cox, Sir G. W., Mythology of the Aryan Nations. 2 vols.
  • Fiske, John, Myths and Myth-Makers.
  • Frazer, J. G., The Golden Bough. 12 vols.
  • Hartland, E. S., The Legend of Perseus. 3 vols.
  • Lang, Andrew, Myth, Ritual, and Religion. 2 vols.
  • Müller, Max, Contributions to the Science of Mythology.
  • Ruskin, John, Athena, Queen of the Air.
  • Spencer, Herbert, Principles of Sociology.
  • Tylor, E. B., Primitive Culture. 2 vols.
    • Vol. 1, currently Available for Post-Processing
    • Vol. 2, currently Available for Post-Processing



  • Bryant, William Cullen, Library of Poetry and Song.
  • Child, Francis J., English and Scottish Popular Ballads. [Ed. by Sargent and Kittredge.]
    • Vols. 1-4
    • Vol. 5, currently In Post-Processing
  • Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur, Oxford Book of English Verse.
  • Stedman, Edmund Clarence, An American Anthology. A Victorian Anthology.
  • Stevenson, Burton E., The Home Book of Verse.

The finest single-volume general collection yet made. It runs to nearly 4,000 pages, but is printed on thin paper so that the volume is not unwieldy.


  • Chisholm, L., The Golden Staircase.
  • Grahame, Kenneth, The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children.
  • Henley, William Ernest, Lyra Heroica.
  • Ingpen, Roger, One Thousand Poems for Children.
  • Lang, Andrew, The Blue Poetry Book.
  • Lucas, Edward Verrall, A Book of Verses for Children. Another Book of Verses for Children
  • Olcott, Frances J., Story Telling Ballads. Story Telling Poems for Children.
  • Palgrave, Francis T., The Children's Treasury of Poetry and Song.
  • Repplier, Agnes, A Book of Famous Verse.
  • Smith, J. C., A Book of Verse for Boys and Girls.
  • Stevenson, Burton E., The Home Book of Verse for Young Folks.
  • Thacher, Lucy W., The Listening Child.
  • Whittier, John Greenleaf, Child Life in Poetry.
  • Wiggin, K. D., and Smith, N. A., The Posy Ring. Golden Numbers.


Realistic Stories


Most of the authors in the following list wrote other books of a realistic nature, in some cases greater books than the one mentioned. The book named is usually the first important one in this field by its author and has, therefore, unusual historical value.

Nature Literature

The three books that stand at the end of this brief list are probably not ones that any teacher would recommend indiscriminately to pupils of the grades. They are the greatest of the classic books in nature literature and, in a way, constitute the goal of nature lovers.

Romance Cycles and Legend

Biography and Hero Stories

Home Reading List


  • Banta, N. Moore, and Benson, Alpha B., Brownie Primer. In Progress
  • Blaisdell, Mary Frances, Mother Goose Children.
  • Brooke, Leonard Leslie, Johnny Crow's Garden. Johnny Crow's Party.
  • Buffum, Katharine G., Mother Goose in Silhouettes.
  • Craik, Georgiana Marion, So-fat and Mew-mew.
  • Crane, Walter, Beauty and the Beast Picture Book. Bluebeard's Picture Book. Cinderella's Picture Book. Goody Two Shoes Picture Book. Mother Hubbard, Her Picture Book. Red Riding Hood's Picture Book. Song of Sixpence.

This Little Pig, His Picture Book. Buckle My Shoe.

  • Fox, Florence Cornelia, The Indian Primer.
  • Gaynor, Mrs. Jessie Love, and Riley, Alice C. D., Songs of the Child-World.
  • Greenaway, Kate, Under the Window.
  • Haaren, John Henry, Rhymes and Fables.
  • Howard, Frederick Ward, Banbury Cross Stories.
  • Lansing, Marion Florence, The Child's World Garden.
  • Le Fèvre, Felicité, The Cock, the Mouse, and the Little Red Hen. In Progress
  • Lucas, Edward Verrall, Four and Twenty Toilers.
  • Mother Goose, The Real Mother Goose (illus. by Blanche Fisher Wright).
  • Noyes, Marion, The Sunshine Primer.
  • Saxby, Lewis, Life of a Wooden Doll.
  • Seton, Ernest Thompson, Wild Animal Play for Children.
  • Skinner, A. M., and Lawrence, L. N., Little Dramas for Primary Grades.
  • Smith, Elmer Boyd, Chicken World.
  • Varney, A. S., The Robin Reader.
  • Welsh, Charles, (ed.), Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.
  • Wiltse, Sara E., Folklore Stories and Proverbs.



  • Aspinwall, Mrs. Alicia, Short Stories for Short People.
  • Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, Boys and Girls of Colonial Days.
  • Brocks, Dorothy, Red Children.
  • Brooke, Leonard Leslie, Golden Goose Book.
  • Brown, Abbie Farwell, Christmas Angel. Lonesomest Doll.
  • Browning, Robert, Pied Piper of Hamelin (illus. by Hope Dunlap).
  • Chisholm, Louey, Nursery Rhymes.
  • Deming, Mrs. Therese Osterheld, Children of the Wild. Little Brothers of the West.
  • Dodge, Mrs. Mary Mapes, New Baby World.
  • Field, Eugene, Lullaby-land: Songs of Childhood.
  • Foulke, Elizabeth E., Braided Straws. Twilight Stories.
  • Francis, Joseph Greene, Book of Cheerful Cats and Other Animated Animals.
  • Gates, Mrs. Josephine Scribner, Story of Live Dolls.
  • Gerson, Virginia, Happy Heart Family.
  • Grimm, Jacob L. K., and Wilhelm, K., Fairy Tales (Lucas ed.). Fairy Tales (Wiltse ed.).
  • Haaren, John Henry, Fairy Life.
  • Lang, Andrew, Prince Darling, and Other Stories.
  • Lansing, Marion Florence, Rhymes and Stories.
  • McMurry, Mrs. Lida Brown, Classic Stories for the Little Ones.
  • Morley, Margaret Warner, Seed-Babies.
  • Peary, Mrs. Josephine Diebitsch, Snow Baby.
  • Perkins, Lucy Fitch, Dutch Twins. Japanese Twins.
  • Pierson, Clara Dillingham, Among the Farmyard People.
  • Pyle, Katharine, Careless Jane, and Other Tales.
  • Shute, Katherine H., Land of Song, Vol. 1. Vol. 2. Vol. 3.
  • Tappan, Eva March, Dixie Kitten. Golden Goose.
  • Thorne-Thomsen, Mrs. Gudrun, East o' the Sun.
  • Trimmer, Mrs. Sarah K., History of the Robins.
  • Valentine, Mrs. Laura Jewry, Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales.
  • Woodward, Alice B., Peter Pan Picture Book.


  • Alden, Raymond Macdonald, Why the Chimes Rang.
  • Andersen, Hans Christian, Fairy Tales (Lucas ed.).
  • Barrie, James Matthew, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
  • Brown, Abbie Farwell, John of the Woods.
  • Brown, Helen Dawes, Little Miss Phoebe Gay.
  • Browne, Frances, Granny's Wonderful Chair, and Its Tales of Fairy Times.
  • Campbell, Helen LeRoy, Story of Konrad, the Swiss Boy.
  • Carryl, Charles Edward, Davy and the Goblin.
  • Craik, Mrs. Dinah Maria, Adventures of a Brownie.
  • Crichton, Mrs. F. E., Peep-in-the-World.
  • Drummond, Henry, Monkey That Would Not Kill. [In Progress]
  • Faulkner, Georgene, Italian Fairy Tales. Russian Fairy Tales.
  • Grimm, Jacob L.K., and Wilhelm K., Household Fairy Tales, tr. by L. Crane.
  • Hopkins, William John, Sandman: His Farm Stories.
  • Houghton, Mrs. Louise Seymour, Russian Grandmother's Wonder Tales.
  • Ingelow, Jean, Mopsa the Fairy.
  • Lang, Andrew, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. Nursery Rhyme Book. Pretty Goldilocks. Snow Man. Snow Queen.
  • Lindsay, Maud, and Poulsson, Emilie, Joyous Travelers.
  • Lorenzini, Carlo, Adventures of Pinocchio.
  • Lucas, Edward Verrall, Book of Verses for Children.
  • Macdonald, George, Princess and the Goblin.
  • Morley, Margaret Warner, Donkey John of Toy Valley.
  • O'Shea, Michael Vincent, Old World Wonder Stories.
  • Paine, Albert Bigelow, How Mr. Dog Got Even. How Mr. Rabbit Lost His Tail. [Mr Rabbit is in Progress]
  • Peck, Harry Thurston, Adventures of Mabel.
  • Pierson, Mrs. Clara Dillingham, Three Little Millers.
  • Pyle, Katharine, As the Goose Flies. Christmas Angel. Counterpane Fairy.
  • Richards, Mrs. Laura E., Joyous Story of Toto. Toto's Merry Winter.
  • Schwartz, Julia Augusta, Five Little Strangers.
  • Scudder, Horace E., Book of Fables. Book of Folk Stories. Children's Book.
  • Segur, Sophie R. de, Story of a Donkey.
  • Thorne-Thomsen, Mrs. Gudrun, Birch and the Star.
  • Walker, Margaret Coulson, Lady Hollyhock and Her Friends.
  • Welsh, Charles, Fairy Tales Children Love.
  • Wette, A.H., Hansel and Gretel (illus. in colors).
  • White, Eliza Orne, When Molly Was Six.
  • Williston, Teresa Peirce, Japanese Fairy Tales.
  • Zwilgmeyer, Dikken, Johnny Blossom.