Bunch, David Roosevelt

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Source: Contemporary Authors Online, Thomson Gale, 2007.

Birth Place: Lowry City, Missouri Death Place: St. Louis, Missouri Born in Lowry City, MO; died of a heart attack on May 29, 2000, in St. Louis, MO

  • One False Step • David R. Bunch - Fantastic, May 1963 - RE0000574728
  • "The Warning" Amazing November 1960. RE0000415302
  • "Getting Regular" Amazing 1960. RE0000415302
  • "Final Decision" Amazing February 1961. RE0000459895
  • "The Flesh-Man From Far Wide" Amazing November 1959. RE0000421671
  • "Remembering" Amazing April 1960. RE0000415302 on B00000827681.
  • "Penance Day In Moderan" Amazing July 1960. RE0000415302 on B00000845636.
  • "The Survey Trip" Fantastic May 1962. RE0000536445 on B00000966483.
  • "Routine Emergency" If December 1957. RE0000273535 on B00000675131.
  • "In the Jag-Whiffing Service" IF February 1959. PG clearance requested.