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Allen Adler


And speaking of Yiddish, Alan A. Adler (25 Dec 1916-?), who wrote the original story for "Forbidden Planet", was a member of the famous Adler family of Yiddish actors (patriarch Jacob P. Adler). New York University (English Literature major), worked for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", owned a theatre in New York from the age of 21 (featuring opera), served in the United States Army Air Force (5th Air Force, Far Eastern Air Force, and 13th Bomber Command), producer of revival of "Front Page", and wrote various screenplays (most famously "Forbidden Planet"). One novel: "Mach 1: A Story of Planet Ionus" (New York: Farrar Strauss & Cudahy, 1957)

  • Terror on Planet Ionus vt Mach 1: a story of planet Ionus 1957 RE-266-910

-- Main.GregWeeks - 15 Sep 2006