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ABBYY FineReader is an OCR software program.

Content providers (CPers) report ABBYY FineReader v.5.0 or newer works well for Distributed Proofreaders projects; however, some CPers report that v.8 is more difficult to use than v.7. Older versions of ABBYY FineReader are frequently available from online sites (such as eBay) at a much better price than the current version. See ABBYY FineReader's website.

  • See this DP forum thread to read or provide helpful tips about using ABBYY FineReader for DP projects.

It is possible to train Abbyy Finereader to recognise the long s character found in old texts, see here Abbyy Finereader trained for long s if you have Abbyy Finereader and want to try out the pattern training file created by Eric Hutton